In Ukraine may change the rules of selection of banks for payment of pensions

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) proposes to revise the provisions of government regulations to ensure competitive conditions of selection of banks for payment of pensions, allowances and salaries of employees of budgetary institutions. The decision about the direction of these proposals, the AMC has approved 28 Dec.

“The current organization of payment of pensions, cash assistance and wages to employees of budgetary institutions, including state assistance to internally displaced persons can lead to restriction of competition in the relevant market segment of banking services”, – noted in AMKU.

So, ACU has received statements of banks and the circulation of trade Union rules regarding sootvetstviya legislation on protection of economic competition. In addition, bankers noted in the appeal to the AMCU, which is now the sole institution for the payments of internally displaced persons is the state “Oschadbank.”

Among other things, according to the bankers, the requirement for banks to applicants about the availability of assets in the amount of not less than 1% of banking system assets is not a criterion of reliability.

In addition to the control of the Bank, the applicant of the international financial and banking institutions with an international rating of investment class to meet a few of the financial institutions.