New year tours outside Ukraine: where to go and for how much

The most popular destinations tours for the New year – Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, tour operators say. Because of the still volatile situation in the country, Egyptian resorts continue to cut prices. So, the New year in Hurghada, you can relax alone from $ 450 per week. Where and how much you can spend New year abroad, learned website “Segodnia”.

Vacation at sea: Egypt and the UAE from $ 500

If you select a holiday at the sea – the cheapest option would be Egypt. Due to the fact that many countries do not recommend to fly their citizens because of insecurity, almost all of the resorts cut prices in order to attract at least someone. Ukrainians pay little attention to safety, and many are surprised when they find out that Egypt is restless, they say tour operators, cheap tour but rarely refuse. Seven nights in Egypt for people will cost from 6700 UAH, despite the fact that in the Carpathians the same rest period will cost between 7-9 thousand UAH, said the head of the Department of advertising and public relations of TUI Elena Geychenko. In other countries much more expensive.

“Stay in the UAE during the peak holiday dates is from 16 UAH 179 for seven nights per person. The cost of tours in Andorra with accommodation for 10 nights – from 19 000 UAH per person, where we also give free access to the famous thermal complex. In General, the price is directly dependent on the wishes of the tourist for the hotel, resort and date of departure,” she says.