Why would we make Putin Superman.

Russia is our geopolitical rival. I understand that when the Russian President in rainbow colors depict the Russian state media. I understand that somewhere in the transition of the Moscow metro you can buy a t-shirt with Putin, naked to the waist, riding a bear.


But what I don’t understand is the admiration of his personality in many Western media and institutions. If you believe everything you read about Putin journalists, he just a demon or someone like James bond, Sandokan and cybernetic genius in one person. Supposedly Putin influenced the outcome of the presidential election in America, and now going to do the same in France, Germany and the us… People don’t go crazy!

I realized that a certain admiration for the personality of a competitor or enemy is not an invention of modernity. This is a known way to hide the true state of Affairs and to create a “hero”.

No need to be an expert on the history of the Second world war, to remember who Otto Skorzeny. The head of special forces of the SS was the toast of Nazi propaganda, but his supernatural powers, God knows why, believe and many Western commentators. Even in the 60-ies of the the headlines it is called “the most dangerous man in Europe”.

But who was he really? The Austrian Nazi with a few non-German name, who began his military career in technical departments in occupied France, and during the offensive in the USSR were sent from the front to the hospital with inflammation of the gallbladder. After recovery and service in the rear, he opened a media talent and, most importantly, the ability to move a few of the irrational Nazi hierarchy.

Skorzeny became head of special forces of the SS and fame were many, but real results. The legendary kidnapping of Mussolini, a prisoner in a mountain area of Gran Sasso, are not organized by Skorzeny, and the General of the airborne troops of the Kurt student. Skorzeny well kept front of the camera, so all the laurels of the winner got him.

Now back from yellowed archives in a raging current. What achievements can boast of “cybernetic magician” Putin? If you believe the latest reports that it was behind the stealing by Russian hackers e-mails the Democratic party. Not the CIA, not the army or someone like that, and political party. And that this correspondence be? In addition to the usual technical details, such as the purchase of balls and rent of the conference hall, only that the apparatus of the Democratic party have conspired in favor of Clinton V. Sanders! What a surprise — Yes everyone knew it!

If in recent years, Putin has achieved some success, not because of some genius of intrigue. These were all goals that pseudopolitical of the West, such as Juncker, Merkel and Obama scored an own goal.

So let’s not go crazy to support Putin, creating a majestic image. The more we discuss, to which he had a hand in, the more attractive it will be to the public.