American “Kalashnikov” KS-12: like no shotgun (The National Interest, USA)

What happens if you take the base model, the principle of removal of powder gases and the butterfly valve series of Kalashnikov rifles, including the infamous AK-47, and a shotgun? Get “saiga-12”, one of the most popular semi-automatic shotguns!

The legendary Mikhail Kalashnikov, who created it for the “Izhmash”, which is now called after him — concern “Kalashnikov”. “Saiga-12” is used as combat weapons like the carbine and shotgun chambered for 12 gauge sold worldwide. In Russia, the purchaser may acquire such weapons, if he has a license for the shotgun. Until 2014 “saiga-12” was one of the most popular in the USA semi-auto shotguns.

But after Russian Federation annexed the Crimea, President Barack Obama has issued an Executive order 13662, which prohibits the import of any products of the enterprise “Izhmash”, including a gun “saiga-12”. American sanctions against Russia seems to never end, and because of this, we may not be able to buy guns in the style of a Kalashnikov.

But in fact, Americans can buy a gun (if they are lucky to find it in stock), but with the difference that it made is not the concern “Kalashnikov” in the Russian enterprise “Izhmash” and in Florida.

Meet Kalashnikov KS-12 American-made semi-auto shotgun made in America in 2017, based on the series “saiga”.

The thing is that the manufacturer today is private. In addition, it is engaged in the production of firearms like the Kalashnikov for the law enforcement, military and, most importantly, for the General sale on the commercial market. This company was created because of U.S. sanctions that ban the import of Russian firearms. Now between the two companies no connections other than the name, however arrow you can count on that they will get Kalashnikov, durable and reliable design, but the American production.

This is truly the best of both worlds, and KS-12 confirms this fact. According to the journal of the National rifle Association, in may, the shotgun was the best selling of semi-automatic weapons.

He looks very similar to the legendary series AK. It is possible to fire the 70-mm and 76-mm ammunition made of brass with low zinc content due to the improved venting system. Although the idea came to the creators of this weapon in Russia, the venting system remains innovative today. The rifle also has a classic rear sight, like the AK. The carving on the end of the gun the KS-12 gives the arrow the ability to put any muzzle brake of their choice. KS-12 sell with one magazine for five rounds. There are also shops and larger disks.

So the KS-12 is a Kalashnikov. But this gun is as American as baseball and Apple pie.