Broken electric vehicles from the US can block the way to Ukraine

Document about recycling can’t be proof of registration of the car

96% of electric vehicles who buy the Ukrainians, are second – hand. Cars imported into Ukraine mainly from the USA and Europe. A big part of electric cars had been in an accident and through auctions, dealers buy them in Ukraine, they restore and resell. For a car that by American standards must go for disposal, accompanied by the relevant certificate. Then in Ukraine this car to restore and put on the check based on the certificate.

But soon the import of used cars in Ukraine can be tricky because of the draft decree of the Ministry of interior. The document spelled out the new procedure of registration of cars. It reads: if the car previously had a registration of another state for registration in Ukraine documents confirming the first registration. Documents must be translated into the Ukrainian language in the Consulate of the country from which imported cars.

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And, according to the draft document on the disposal cannot be proof of registration of the car. This means that the “broken” car in the paper on recycling can not be imported for resale. Not “broken”, probably more expensive, since complicated the procedure of import, documents should be translated at the Consulate.

However, as avtoyurist tells Mikhail Alekseenko, the ruling is unlikely to stop the import of “broken” cars:

“I don’t think such a decision blocking the importation of any “bad” cars. Part of the car will be imported by order. As the cars from auctions in the US are cheap and still recover, they will be sent, for example, in Georgia. There he will restore, will put on the account and then will be transported from Georgia”, – said Alekseenko.