Groysman: the Government should speak not of parliamentary statistics but about people

The former Prime Minister has summed up year of the Council

Ukrainian authorities today need to focus not on the statistics of meeting people or the number of received bills, and the problems of Ukrainians, their employment and income growth. About it on air of TV channel “Ukraine 24” said the Prime Minister of Ukraine (2016-2019) Volodymyr Groysman, commenting on the situation in the country and summing up years of work of the new composition of the Verkhovna Rada.

In his opinion, the Parliament of IX convocation accepted as society needs laws, and frankly incorrect initiatives.

“It’s not how the situation assess policy. And then, are people to live better, – said Vladimir Groisman. – Some laws that were adopted were necessary. Talking about the strengthening of anti-corruption fight, for example. However, it was the laws that will affect people’s lives. For example, the law on land market is a huge mistake that will lead to the minimization of the incomes of Ukrainians. People are deprived of opportunities to buy land. From 2024, it will be possible to concentrate up to 10 hectares of land. Question: who will have the opportunity to buy such a volume?”.

Volodymyr Groysman noted that the land market it was necessary to focus on the interests of farmers, which are now about 40 thousand And it is the focus on a strong farmer class, together with the possibilities of decentralization should give the desired economic effect.

“I put a lot of efforts for the development of the agricultural sector, and see its task to modify the rule of concentration of land in 2024,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

Another negative example, Volodymyr Groysman called the law on gambling. According to him, permission to place casinos in three-star hotels will turn them into a primitive “playing in the brothels,” but instead a segment of hotels of an economy class – for ordinary Ukrainians or tourists – will be lost.

“We will have a serious social problem, – said Vladimir Groisman. – That the budget was 3-4 billion hryvnia, Ukrainians have to lose 50-60 billion. In other words, it is systematically wrong law. To restore order in this area is needed. But for the sake of peace people.”

Another important theme, as noted Volodymyr Groysman, social protection of Ukrainians. First of all, salaries, pensions.

“What we have not seen in a year? Adequate minimum and average wage in the country, the March indexation of pensions, increase of teacher salaries (January 2020). And what did you see? The budget is coming down, economy is coming down. Yes, and coronavirus. The blow was double,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

According to him, significant turbulence and adds more uncertainty with pensions of Ukrainians and debt policy of the country, the prospect of “insert” the hryvnia printing press.

“We should create a state support program, – said Vladimir Groisman. – Today we need to talk about people. Employment and adequate pay is a key for the government. The Ukrainian was not easy, and now even harder.”

The politician once again stressed that the government must submit a plan of action that will provide answers to all the questions that concern people.

“We are not sure that the fall will not repeat the situation with quarantine. Therefore, the government should be based on three components – support, medicine, business and social protection”, – said the politician.