Secret weapon of Russia on the Black sea: hydroacoustic systems that spy on us (Defense Express, Ukraine)

Of the Russian Federation secretly constructs a new threat “from the water”, preparing an underwater base for total control over the Black sea. Develop layered lighting system for surface and underwater environment through the production and implementation of advanced sonar systems.

That is the conclusion the authors detailed analytical work entitled “the undersea world of the Ukrainian sea: challenges and threats”. The tenth of July this publication was published in the new issue of the magazine “black sea security”, published by the Centre for global studies “Strategy XXI”.

Submitted for review an interesting analysis of Russian hydroacoustic systems that actively develop and apply military leadership of the Russian Federation in the ocean operating area (first line); the distant sea operating area (second line) and near sea operating area (the third line).

That is the third stage is the lighting situation near the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, although in the context of annexed Crimea, of course, it becomes a different interpretation.

So, what applies to Russia in the Black sea?

Passive hydroacoustic complex MGK-608

In the northwestern part of the Black sea starting 2019, start placement of passive stationary sonar system MGK-608. A feature of this complex is that the installation of sonar buoys (antennas) are at a distance of up to 200 kilometers from the coastline, and the detection range is about 100-150 miles.

Data transmission about the situation will be carried out through fiber-optic communication channels at the point of processing and analysis of information.

After deployment of hydroacoustic fields of Cape Tarkhankut, probably before the district East of snake island, Russia will be able to completely control the surface and underwater situation in the North-Western and Western Black sea.

Stationary hydroacoustic complex “Rationality VG-5”

To determine the surface and underwater environment, as in the near sea operating area and in the coastal zone of the Black sea deployed and continue to deploy a number of sonar systems, which likely also will be integrated with the state system of lighting of the surface and underwater environment.

It is a stationary hydroacoustic complex “Rationality VG-5” is intended for conducting hydroacoustic reconnaissance and classification of underwater and surface targets (in the modes of sonar and compellingly), as well as to provide conductive and acoustic telegraphic communication with submarines and other objects in the open sea.

Of the Russian Federation secretly constructs a new threat “from the water”

Today we know about the construction of the center infrastructure to manage this complex. Organizationally, it is part of the 14th district, the monitoring of the Novorossiysk naval base. In the future, Russia plans to deploy one such complex at Cape Sarich (the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea).

Autonomous hydroacoustic stations “Amga-M”

To determine the surface and underwater environment system is activated to detect submarines in the Autonomous hydroacoustic stations (AGAS) “Amga-M”, which is intended for search, detection, classification and tracking of submarines by determining the direction of motion and transmit information about them to on-shore or ship-borne control stations.

For the first time this system of detection of submarines in the amount of twenty of these stations were deployed in early 2014 in the waters of the city of Sochi to ensure security at the Olympic games. These measures allowed to create anti-turn length of one hundred kilometers and widths of up to six kilometers.
Management stations may be performed from a surface ship or shore-control with sonar and the transmission of information from AGAS on detection of the submarine by radio to a distance of sixty kilometers.

AGAS “Amga-M” provides the field of view of 360 degrees and can be installed on an anchor in areas with depths of from 300 to 1500 meters. This allows hidden stations stay in position and the entire system of detection of submarines in General.

Stationary electromagnetic station “Anaconda-SP”

Stationary electromagnetic station “Anaconda-SP” is intended for detection and classification of underwater sabotage forces and means (combat swimmers, unmanned underwater vehicles, etc.) at ranges of up to thirty kilometers.

Russia plans to Commission two such stations that will be placed on the territory of Crimea. One is in the area of Cape Tarkhankut, the second at Cape Chersonese. The deployment of these stations will strengthen the near-zone defense points of the black sea fleet, as well as critical civilian infrastructure, first of all, from the possible actions of underwater sabotage forces and means.

Active magneto-acoustic station MG-818 “Diabaz”

For the detection of subversive forces and means in the near zone defense locations and other objects of the Maritime infrastructure of the Russian Federation plans to use an active magneto-acoustic station MG-818 “Diabase” (for detection and classification of underwater subversive forces and means). To date carried out assessment of the combat capabilities of this station and the determination of the place of its further deployment.

AGAS “Amga-M” EMS “Anaconda-SP” AMAS “Diabase” are stand-alone stations that allows you to quickly deploy them in the Azov-black sea region. Not ruled out their use and for the protection of the captured Russian facilities in the gas fields of “Chernomorneftegaz” in the exclusive Maritime economic zone of Ukraine and a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

The system “Delta-MGA”

For the period 2018-2019 tests and commissioning of the new system “Delta-MGA”, which is actively used in the interests of OJSC “Gazprom” (according to the statements — in the interests of safety of subsea lines, pipelines). The data of hydro-acoustic stations installed on the route of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”.

Russia leaves the prospects for increasing funds hydroacoustic exploration due to its placement on the infrastructural facilities of the Blue stream and “Turkish stream” that will practically lead to the complete control of the underwater space of the Black sea.

Thus, the Federation secretly constructs a new threat “from the water”, is preparing the submarine base element of total control over the Black sea and the postponement of the upcoming confrontation, not only in space but under water.