All of our lives — online!


All of our lives — online!

Today, 15:52

Digitalization covers more and more areas of our lives – from school lessons to online races

The boom of online education, party using zoom, “Jogging” in new York and full digitalization of the usual aspects of life. Who was able to capitalize on the quarantine and why in the new world will survive only socially oriented business?

After the introduction of the quarantine almost all over the world people had to readjust: to send children to online classes, to learn different services for remote meetings at work, to understand the services of online delivery and instead of the gym to find a trainer on instagram.

In recent years, the digitalization of the society took place rapidly. It was connected with the development of technology. The smartphone has evolved from a means of communication and photo sharing to private Secretary and a financial instrument. Every day we use mobile applications to order a taxi, pay for goods, check e-mail. Forced quarantine only accelerated the translation of many business processes online.

Tens of thousands of educational institutions around the world have trained students through the ZOOM, Discord, and other services. Not without its oddities. ZOOM allows free use of one call only 40 minutes in some schools, lessons are 45 minutes was reduced to 40. Many schools were not technically able to pay in foreign service.

By the way, the company’s shares ZOOM after the start of quarantine has increased in price in 4 times. But not only them. In China, there is a small company Zoom Technologies, which manufactures communication equipment. On the stock exchange they are called ZOOM, while the video service is trading under the name ZM. Inattentive people have rushed to buy Chinese ZOOM. In the end, the share price of Zoom Technologies increased from 0.005 per cent to $5.5 per share.

If you long to sit at home without exercise, it is possible to fly not to fit into a favorite swimsuit or jeans. So the clubs began to hold a free broadcast of their training, and people – seek in the attic of the old weights. Home fitness many people like it, which casts doubt on the return of people in the hall after the lifting of the quarantine. Now the fitness industry predicts hard times: many halls won’t open, and the clubs with swimming pools and is in danger of becoming unprofitable.

If you do not want to go to work and sit in traffic, then free time becomes more. Many decided to use it to good use. Fortunately, many universities and educational platform providing free access to their courses. And some brands do run a whole educational program. For example, the shortage of training programmes for sports managers, Parimatch has launched a project Sports Talk Club as part of the educational platform PM Education. In the framework of the project its experience on the issue of digital in sport have shared an ex-employee of real Madrid Oscar Faded, one of the best sports marketers Michael Sher explained how and where to look for sponsors for sports organizations and popular blogger Dmitry povoroznyk (blog “Trandate”) on the fingers explained how to look for interesting topics for stories. On the platform of PM Education is also available interesting books on the sports theme that you can download for free. All of this should help our sport become stronger after quarantine.

“Sport is an important part of life. Someone plays themselves, while rooting for your favorite team. But in any case, the task of sports organisations to become better, to offer participants and spectators a high quality service, to introduce modern technologies. The only way the sport will be able to win the fight for their fans to other entertainment events. Our lectures on best practices from around the world share their tips and examples. We have already held 4 events and not planned. Nothing like earlier in the Ukraine was not”, — stressed the official representative of Parimatch Vadym Misyura.

In April traditionally had to go through Kyiv half marathon. Alas, the start had to be postponed. But the organizers Run Ukraine came up with a mechanism that will allow anyone to run not only in Kiev, but even in Berlin, and Boston! Simply register on the website, pay the fee and run the course in any point of Ukraine. After that, all participants will receive a medal. A new world requires new solutions.

“Online races — it’s about goals and motivations, which is making our and encourages to get off the couch and exercise, do Jogging, play sports, says Victoria Veremeenko, Director of marketing and communications Run Ukraine. — On the first stage of the Dream Running Series — Kyiv Run (the distance of 21 km and 10) have registered 743 people, the original plan of 500 registrations have exceeded 50% is a great result. In total we have more than 2000 registrations for all online races, and there are even participants from the Netherlands, Sweden, Georgia, Belarus and other countries.

The format of the online races we were considering as a new direction in January of this year, but life has made adjustments. First launched online challenges (Online Sport Challenge) you can do at home (some burpees for the 100 day medal, 100 push-UPS per day and the medal, a five-day challenge for children and adults). And the launch of the first Online series Running it only took 3 weeks: concept, website, creatives, start”.

Another trend quarantine — the desire to share their knowledge. Facebook is replete with invitations to various webinars, which hold everything: restaurateur Savva Libkin teaches how to cook calves and shakshuka, founder of the Agency FEDORIV Andrey Fedoriv has opened access to its course “Dad” brand, economists are taught to save in a crisis, and guides give tours on Google maps. And the service Reevent allows you to find interesting online event, or post information about your webinar.

For those who run prefers a comfortable couch and your favorite movie, the theater chain has offered to deliver it… popcorn! And also gave the opportunity to buy tickets for any session in the fall at a discount. It is not excluded that the world premiere that will take place after September, will long remain the last, as shooting many film suspended or cancelled. And given the inevitable reduction in demand for movie tickets return of many of the films in question.

If restaurants have bad things, the delivery services, on the contrary, “happy hours”. However, this is not helped UBER EATS, which lost the competition to the local GLOVO and RAKETA and left the market (don’t worry, UBER taxi is not affected).

Many people, left without a favorite restaurant dishes, have decided to learn the skills of the chef. Cooking lessons online youtube blew up, but again, Instagram was full of photos of food, this time home.

If the training and eating we figured out what to do with the entertainment? Then came to the aid of the online party. A few months ago, this format seemed impossible, but now strangers to each other people are going to virtual bars, drink, listen to music and get to know each other. But some bars take cocktails on the house.

It is unknown how long the quarantine in Ukraine, but one thing is for sure: online we will be spending more time than ever before.