Country (Ukraine): vagrant Zelensky. In Kiev ignored the centenary of the Ukrainian ACE Ivan Kozhedub

On Monday, Ukraine was a momentous anniversary — the centenary of the famous pilot Ivan Kozhedub. It is the only Ukrainian who got three stars of Hero of the Soviet Union and during the Second world never been shot down.

As Zelensky and Happy about Kozhedub forgot

Ivan Kozhedub HF Monday would have turned a hundred years, however, the Ukrainian Central authorities have not commented on this anniversary. Although we can not say that the name of the pilot is unfamiliar to them. May 9, Vladimir Zelensky mentioned the name Kozhedub in his congratulation with the Victory Day — the list of Ukrainians who fought against Nazism.

That’s about it. On the centenary of the famous Ukrainian a month after his speech, the President is somehow not remembered. And it is interesting that Kozhedub in his address, mentioned also by Petro Poroshenko. Ex-Garant did not hesitate to say that the famous pilot, he served in the red Army. Zelensky about it shamefully silent.

“72 2 thousand Ukrainians became heroes of the Soviet Union, legendary pilot Ivan Kozhedub, who hit 64 Nazi plane, was three times a Hero. Four operational-strategic Association of the red Army, established in 1943, bore the name of Ukrainian fronts,” — said Poroshenko may 8, 2015.

In the same year, exactly a month later, celebrated the 95th anniversary Kozhedub. The resolution of the Verkhovna Rada, signed by speaker Volodymyr Groisman. They were instructed to celebrate the anniversary at the state level, and at the same time to repair the school and College, where he studied hero, and the road to the village of Obrazhievka, where he lived. A similar decision was taken and ten years earlier, in 2005, when President Viktor Yushchenko. The current composition of the Rada hands to Kozhedub is not reached. Iconic also that Poroshenko’s party two years ago, separately congratulated the birth of Kozhedub. However, this year on the centenary celebration is also not remembered. Previous anniversary Kozhedub — 90th anniversary — was celebrated under President Viktor Yanukovych. He dedicated the event to the personal treatment. And on the eve of May 9, Yanukovych and Azarov opened the monument to the pilots in the Kiev Park of Glory.

Centenary is a much more significant event. But the Ukrainian authorities about him said nothing. Not only the Parliament and the President, but the whole vertical of power. Thus, the site of Sumy regional state administration, where traditionally held commemorative events, there is no word on the century Kozhedub. And only Shostka RGA mentioned this event, dedicating him a separate note.

It follows from this that in the village obrazhievka the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument of hero. It was attended by the Deputy of the Sumy Governor Sergey Bannikov, head of the district Igor Volynets and the mayor Shostka Nicholas Foot. Of the representatives of Kiev — just a local native, non-faction people’s Deputy Igor Molotok. Also gathered veterans and local residents. Representatives of the “public Servants” at the event was not public and the parties in the Sumy region about the anniversary says nothing.

The only representatives of the party of the President who celebrated the anniversary, was the people’s Deputy Maxim Buzhansky, who wrote in his Telegram channel “Ukrainian, say, the characters you are missing? Catch. Three times Hero of the Soviet Union, air Marshal Ivan Kozhedub. Rural boy, born exactly one hundred years ago in the village near Glukhov. Impeccable biography, German shoulder straps seen only a pile of debris, ripped out the meat. At the mention of the Institute of naramata does not need, moreover, would still be alive, would they not filed. A hundred years!”.

Ivan Kozhedub. Biography of Asa

Kozhedub was born on 8 June 1920 in obrazhievka village of Sumy region (in the Chernigov) in a peasant family and Church elders. He was the fifth son, the father raised him in a strict — future speakers were engaged in kettlebell lifting and tempered. Since childhood, Ivan was incredibly lucky, for which he was called “crazy”. There was a case when he and his friends capsized the boat. Some of the boys drowned, he survived by a miracle. The same incredible luck accompanied him all his life. After leaving school in 1934 he entered Kozhedub chemical-technological College in the city of Shostka (now the school bears his name). During his studies he was engaged in Shostka club, where he achieved first success in aviation.

In early 1940 he began to serve in the ranks of the red Army. In the same year he graduated from the Chuguev military aviation school of pilots. This knowledge helped him to perform the official duties of the instructor. However until 1943 it was not allowed on the front, and the instructor of the flight school had underestimated the man, who was destined to become the most successful fighter pilot of the Soviet troops, “something he’s kind of a little slow”, was described by his flight instructor school.

But in the rear of the enemy, he gained such experience in the pilot that could fly a plane even with your eyes closed. In 1942 he was sent to the city of Shymkent in Kazakhstan, and was given the rank of Sergeant. In November 1942 Kozhedub served as the commander of the 240 th fighter regiment, 302 th fighter division, formed in Ivanovo.

In March 1943 was the turning point in the fate of Kozhedub — in the division he departed for the Voronezh front. In his first fight he’s the one attacking six messersmith, while his plane La-5 was literally riddled. Back saved him from an incendiary shell. Approaching the airport, he accidentally fired Soviet anti-aircraft gunners. The aircraft was hit by flak 2. But whatever happens, accused before of “slowness” the pilot always managed to land his plane, regardless of the nature of the damage.

By the way, the fighter Lavochkin design was a favorite aircraft of Ivan. He loved him for his speed and agility. Hard to believe, but all the main parts of the aircraft were made of wood — pine and birch. In the plating — no metal. To fight on such a machine was not easy — she was burned in the air instantly. The cabin is sometimes heated to 60 degrees.

Ivan Kozhedub and his fighter

After a failed first attempt he wanted to “write off earth” as incompetent, translate the post of the notification has not given the commander of the regiment. In the summer of 1943 Kozhedub was awarded the rank of second Lieutenant, then enlisted second-in-command of the squadron.

During your 40-second flight, on 6 July 1943 at Kursk, he shot down his first German airplane bomber Junkers Ju-87. The next day brought down a second, and on July 9 was shot down 2 fighter Bf-109. On 4 February 1944 for 146 combat missions and shot down 20 enemy aircraft Lieutenant Kozhedub received the first title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

When a pilot was always a notebook in which he discussed the errors, left schematic drawings of an attack, which would later become the textbooks for fighter pilots. Kozhedub wrote that “to shoot down the plane — don’t give up. From a desire to skill distance is very large… to defeat the enemy you have to know his strengths and weaknesses”, so thought Ivan Kozhedub.

August 19, 1944, captain Kozhedub was awarded the second medal “gold Star” for 256 combat missions and shot down 48 enemy aircraft.

In his autobiography Kozhedub writes that in 1945, he shot down two American aircraft P-51 Mustang U.S. air force, which attacked him, taking over a German plane.

The last battle Kozhedub held April 17, 1945 in the skies over Berlin, where he shot down two FW-190.

August 18, 1945, he received a third medal “gold Star” for high military skill, personal courage and bravery shown in the war fronts. However, he Kozhedub always said he’s got a fourth star and wife Veronica, with whom he lived for 45 years. Over the years, they never quarreled and did not raise voice at each other. Even in adulthood Ivan Nikitovich invented for his wife caressing names, always gave flowers and gifts.

Of Kozhedub was talking about how great and marksmen, who liked to attack from behind from the back bottom at a distance of 200-300 meters. He rarely approached the enemy closer, not to get hit by the debris. Brand tactics Kozhedub was called “attack of the earth.” He described it in two words — “stunning rapidity”.

Account Kozhedub 330 sorties, 120 air battles, shot down 62 enemy aircraft, each of which could be the last. Just Kozhedub, which the Germans never shot down, destroyed 18 dive-bombers Ju-87, becoming the champion.

Kozhedub has mastered dozens of types of machines and flew until the late 1960s (he was 50 years old), went through the war without a scratch. After the great Patriotic war Ivan Kozhedub fought in Korea, served in the Academy of the General staff, he commanded the air army, military district. In 1970 he was awarded the title of Colonel-General of aviation, and in 1985 he received the title of Marshal.

Was a member of the last Soviet Congress of people’s deputies. In March 1990, uttered a hard speech about the situation in the country.

“It is with deep pain and anxiety see enhanced efforts by extremist, anti-Soviet effort to split the unity of our multinational state, artificially to sow discord between peoples, to dismantle the socialist conquest, create chaos in the country. It’s time to take the offensive against counter-revolutionary forces. He who hesitates is lost” — said from the rostrum Kozhedub.

He died on 8 August 1991 after a heart attack. Buried in the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.