American Thinker (USA): the Americans kneel in front of a crowd because of the Big lie

Some of the most outrageous shots that have appeared over the last few days are those where you can see police officers and National guard soldiers, bowed the knee — in fact, they even bow — front of a crowd. These men and women representing the forces of law and order, insisting that they kneel as a sign of solidarity, but, in fact, what they do, more like surrender. The reason they do it, most likely related to the Big lie, the dissemination of which engaged leftists. Its essence lies in the fact that supposedly law enforcement officers are the reason the black “genocide”. Although this black genocide exists in America, it comes not from law enforcement. It comes directly from the American Association of family planning (Planned Parenthood), which is the most sacred to Democrats organization.

In Hollywood there is a video of how the soldiers of the National guard “kneel” together with the protesters:

National Guard kneels to their people of color

— Bubette Salam (@BubetteS) June 3, 2020

National guard soldiers kneel in front of their colored masters.

Whoa — to applause from the crowd, Sheriff’s deputies in Oklahoma City take a knee in front of protestors @koconews

— Dillon Richards (@KOCODillon) May 31, 2020

The Chinese, probably, flowed drooling when they saw how our military has been receiving training on “techniques of surrender.”

The Oklahoma city police got on his knees in front of a crowd:

Did this gesture from @PhoenixPolice officers help move things forward? We’ll hear from some faith and community leaders coming up at 5 #georgefloydprotests #phx

— Matt Galka Fox 10 (@MattGalkaFox10) June 2, 2020

Wow the applause of the crowd, the Deputy Sheriff in the Oklahoma city kneel before the protesters.

In the city of Phoenix police officers stood on his knees:

RALEIGH PROTEST NIGHT 4 | Hundreds returns to #NC State Capitol grounds demanding “CHANGE NOW” #GeorgeFloyd

Live reports on @WRAL at 4, 5, 6 & 7 p.m.

— WRALJoe Fisher (@JoeFisherTV) June 2, 2020

Will this gesture by the police of the city of Phoenix to solve the problem? We will hear about that at 5 o’clock from some religious leaders and local community leaders.

Metropolitan police kneels:

“Stand with us on their knees.” Metropolitan police officers kneel as a sign of solidarity with protesters for the second day in the course of the current protests.

In the 1960-ies of the prominent representatives of the government, too, fell on his knees before a black crowd. Shelby Steele (Shelby Steele) in his book “Wine white” (White Guilt) talks about how the President of the University, the typical white liberal that supported all initiatives of the civil rights movement (Civil Rights), took a step back as a deflated balloon.

“Dr. McCabe (McCabe) just came to the place where his knowledge of American racism — it was the knowledge that his personal integrity would not allow him to deny — formed moral vacuum inside of him. Immediately he felt strong pangs of conscience about American racism. He just realized that he has no moral right to punish us for our destructive behavior. He understood that our arguments deserve attention, and our behavior in some way was associated with the centuries of undeniable injustice.

Therefore, he was overwhelmed by this knowledge, not his remorse, although, perhaps, some amount of remorse he felt. Just our outrage at the racism had a lot more moral authority than his indignation about the violation of the established rules of decency. And if he, in fact, would throw us a challenge, I was ready to say that he can begin to worry about our behavior in that moment, when he and his colleagues begin to worry about the racism that we face everywhere, including on the territory of its campus.

And in that moment, I saw white guilt in action. Now I understand that this is a very specific thing: the vacuum of moral authority, which derives simply from the understanding that one race is associated with racism. Whites (and American institutions) must acknowledge historical racism to show his repentance, but as soon as they recognize this, they will lose moral authority on all issues pertaining to race. They will enter into the empty space of vulnerability. Their loss of credibility goes to the “victims” of historical racism and becomes their potent power in society. That’s why the feeling of white guilt is literally the same as the power of black”.

In the 1960-ies, due to the Jim crow (Jim Crow) and because of rampant racism in the North-East, white had sufficient grounds for guilt.

But what can you say about whites in 2020 year? Well, here starts the Big lie.

In one of its most interesting programs Tucker Carlson (Tucker Carlson) estimates that as white liberals, police, and ordinary people are humiliated and are beginning to curry favor, because they consider themselves partners of black genocide — although, in fact, there is no black genocide. This video is long, but worth watch it till the end.

Ten unarmed people murdered by police in the course of one year, it is a sad phenomenon, but it is not genocide or even attempted genocide.

However, the genocide in black America still exists. In 2018 the share of blacks accounted for 36% of all abortions, although they make up only 13.4% of the population of the country. In 2016, black women have committed more abortions than gave birth to children. Smart, very smart Democrats. First, they enslaved blacks, and then passed them at the disposal of Jim crow and his laws, and today, turning abortion into a sacrament they have convinced blacks that we need to vote for Democrats, and then kill themselves.

Thanks to the Big lie of the Democrats are black, instead of protesting in front of clinics of the American Federation of family planning and to thank God for the fact that trump is the President, speaker for life, believe that those police officers who try to protect them from burglars in their communities, are their enemies. A Big lie made stupid leftists, police officers and National guard soldiers to believe that they have no moral authority to stand up and find black face to face with the inherent dignity of all mankind.