“Our nuclear deterrent is a righteous tool in the protection of the sovereignty of the country and nation, prevent war and defend peace”

Ten million people and the army United front are confidently moving to the final victory sent a “Genius among geniuses”.

Beloved and esteemed leader of the Democratic people’s Republic Kim Jong-UN on the fifth anniversary of the awarding him the title of Marshal said:

“Our nuclear deterrent is a righteous tool in the protection of the sovereignty of the country and nation, prevent war and defend peace.”

This wise sayings precious Marshall it is clear the purpose of a powerful nuclear deterrent that we possess.

Nuclear energy — the product of research designed to serve the interests of humanity and civilization. However, it was monopolized by the imperialist powers with the aim of world domination. It became an absolute warranty the power of excellence.

Nuclear weapons — the hammer of justice, which holds high the Korean people. He is the most powerful weapon, able to ruthlessly crush the nuclear forces of the imperialist powers.

Sovereignty is a sacred right of the people and the nation, and the nuclear deterrent is a precious sword to defend him.


Proof of this is the tragedy of Libya. Country in the blink of an eye lost its state sovereignty and plunged into the chaos of civil war due to the fact that refused from nuclear weapons, yielding to US pressure.


Our nation had to overcome tremendous pain and adversity due to the fact that for decades, America has directly threatened us with nuclear weapons. And today intrigues that weave US to usurp our sacred political system and all aspects of our lives become fiercer by the day.

The possession of nuclear weapons is an inevitable result of a long confrontation with the United States and the need to defend socialism. We need to forge the precious nuclear sword of protection is very strong. And this is an urgent credo of our nation and the army.

The Grand Marshal said that the expansion of nuclear capacity in quantity and quality is the most faithful and reliable way to prevent a nuclear Holocaust on the territory of our country.

“A nuclear strike is not the monopoly of the US”, the firm said comrade Kim Jong-UN. And if America is going to put it on our sovereignty and right to existence, it will immediately receive a retaliatory nuclear strike.

The geopolitical fate of the Korean Peninsula associated with countless heavy suffering caused by the rivalry of the great powers in the region in the past.

The world will witness how our people will defend its sovereignty with nuclear weapons, able to strike at the heart of the United States.
Our nuclear deterrent — the sword of justice, which is to prevent war and defend peace. It is the hope of all mankind to live in peace.

That peace is impossible without building up his nuclear weapons, is the lesson of history, proven by the Gulf war 1991, Iraq war 2003, and countless other global disasters, provoked by the imperialists.

Today, when Korea possesses atomic and hydrogen bombs, and Intercontinental ballistic missile, national power and the strategic status of our state has reached the highest point. This is a historic breakthrough, and it will ensure national sovereignty, stability in the region and peace in the world.

The worst thing that can happen in the hottest part of the world, the Korean Peninsula is nuclear war. And the fact that we can stop it, glorify the name of our powerful nuclear powers, the winner of the rockets of the world level.

Reality only proves how true and fair a choice to possess nuclear weapons.