Kainuun Sanomat (Finland): “Big brother” watching the citizens of Moscow сovid-19

Moscow tracking system is infected with a coronavirus reminiscent of classics by George Orwell (George Orwell) “1984”. In this work, the state is actively monitoring the lives of citizens by using technology.

As now is monitored. If Muscovite with symptoms of coronavirus do not register in the app within days after signing the documents, do not send a picture within one hour after notification, or “deviates from the address, which adheres to the self-isolation”, the information about the violation will arrive in the Main control Department of Moscow.

If the patient refuses to install the app to the phone, the first three days he will come sms-the message, and then will be issued the first fine of about 50 euros.

Moscow authorities are using a new application, to monitor compliance with self-isolation from spreading the virus in the city. The app tracks the location of people with symptoms of the coronavirus and SARS, as well as people exposed to them.

According to officials, the app “allows” residents with mild symptoms to stay home sick, but at the same time obliges them to regularly report their location.

Access geolocation, regular photos

When you install the application you need to give permission to access the geolocation and use the camera. After these steps, the application receives data about a user’s location automatically. The application regularly sends sick with notice of the requirement to take a picture of themselves on the phone in the background of the home interior.

Forced use of the app caused a lot of criticism: many people think that it brings Russia to a police state.

Developed in a short time the app has written many penalties by mistake. For the abolition of the penalty cases should be quick to respond and provide a lot of documents. News channel “Real time” reports that one woman mistakenly received more than 20 penalties.

The human rights organization “human rights watch” (Human Rights Watch) believes that monitoring patients with violates human rights. The organization’s representatives say that the app was discharged unjust punishment for hundreds or even thousands of Muscovites.

Organization for the protection of human rights warns Muscovites with the symptoms of the infection may be frightened of the fines or the features of the app and go to the doctor or to abandon the test to identify the virus. It is dangerous for people with symptoms of the virus and their loved ones.

In addition, the application underwent a technical problem.

App works poorly

First, the application is required to send a selfie at night when people are sleeping. Now the app requires the public to take photos between the hours of nine in the morning until ten at night.

A fine is issued in case if a person leaves more than 50 meters. Indoor GPS doesn’t always work right, and sometimes this leads to unfair penalties.

The app often crashes.

Eduard Lysenko, head of information technologies Department of Moscow recognizes that the application needs to be modified. According to him, the developers are very helpful user reviews.

The city receives millions of euros

Russian press reports numerous unjustified penalty which comes to hundreds of euros. The newspaper “Kommersant” wrote about the people who received large fines. According to some estimates, Moscow has “earned” the penalties of 2.8 million euros.

Users of the app have called it “a mockery of the sick.” In social networks appeared appropriate groups. Thus, in Facebook you can find a Russian-speaking group “Fined for ill”.

In Moscow, also operate a digital pass for getting around the city that you can get on the Internet. The user registers on the public site and gets his own code that he can check on the street the authorities.

“Statistics show that every year thousands of patients or been in contact with them trying to make a digital pass to get around. Each of them for a short time can infect a few people,” — said Lysenko in an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The app “Social monitoring”

Muscovites with symptoms of coronavirus and SARS must install and use the mobile app “Social monitoring”. The application must use more than 60 thousand Muscovites.

Through the app was discharged more than 54 thousand in fines.

Fines received approximately 30% of the users of the application. Many received more than one penalty.

Some fines are as high as 50 euros. Since the launch of app penalties were issued a total of 2.8 million euros.