The attack on Biden: how Zelensky creates a new crisis in relations with the United States (Yevropeyska Pravda, Ukraine)

Because of the actions of the attorney-General and statements by the President of our country enters in the American electoral campaign on the side of one of the presidential candidates. Besides doing this, already having the sad experience of “participation” in the attempted impeachment of the American President.

“No last call”

“I believe that this is not the last call, which will see the Ukrainian… Ukraine’s Prosecutor General yesterday filed criminal proceedings at the request of the Deputy Derkach, (this story) will be investigated,” said Wednesday on a press-conferences Vladimir Zelensky. With these phrases, Ukraine was again the player of the race in the United States.

The story began the day before, when non-faction MP Andriy Derkach (former member of Party of regions) held a press conference, where he released an audio recording where the man with the voice similar to the President Peter Poroshenko said the man with the voice of the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden about the dismissal of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin and talks about the reforms, which insist in the USA.

The conversation is very similar to real political negotiations, however, the party Poroshenko “European solidarity” the authenticity of the records denied, calling them “Russian provocation, which has nothing to do with reality”.

Derkach insists that the recording of “testify to the facts of international corruption and treason at the highest state level” and “… clearly shows that Ukraine was headed by Biden.”

We are talking about the events of 2016, when during a visit to Kiev by Joe Biden pushed hard demanding the release of the then Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina from office, making it a condition for granting the United States government guarantees to issue a loan in the amount of one billion dollars.

Earlier, Biden has already admitted that he resorted to such blackmail. In 2018, addressing the Council on foreign relations of the United States, former Vice —President said that he had set the Ukrainian government is facing a hard choice. “I said I’m leaving in six hours, if your attorney General will not be dismissed until that time, you do not get the money. And that son of a bitch was released. And in his place put someone on the time trusted”, — said Biden.

That’s why the new record was not sensational. However, the same day the attorney General’s office opened criminal proceedings on charges of treason and abuse of power or official position, and Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference confirmed that he “knows that it can be qualified as treason.”

Back to Agragate

These events are immediately returned to Ukraine in American domestic politics and the media. This information is taken up by the mainstream American media and political players. But their comments were enough to conclude that the new UkrSat becomes a real prospect.

“It (the disclosure Derkach recordings) is just the tip of the iceberg”, — quotes The Washington Post of attorney trump Rudolph Giuliani, and the US President’s son Donald trump Jr. has launched a video review that it “not the best conversation” for American official.

Ukraine is not the first time in the maelstrom of American election campaign. However, the statement Zelensky brings us to a situation worst than ever. Until now, Ukraine was perceived as “object of attack trump”. Now Kiev “attacks” on their own.

In fact, Vladimir Zelensky took a step towards becoming a player in the American election campaign on the side of one of the candidates, incumbent President Donald trump

Sooner from the GPU is required to bring a case, which figured would be the name of Biden, son of the former Vice-President of the United States. Now the President personally Zelensky said that they had begun criminal proceedings in which the same has been the son of Joe Biden, and himself.

A story that teaches

The past year in relations between Ukraine and the United States was, to put it mildly, uneasy. For trying new Ukrainian authorities to establish an informal dialogue with the White house through attorney trump Rudolph Giuliani, Ukraine was at the center of the scandal, which received the informal name of UkrSat.

Now the American media are already paying attention to the fact that in December 2019, during a recent visit to Kyiv, Giuliani met with Andriy Derkach — the Deputy, now published recordings Poroshenko and Biden. The previous wave of this scandal was the basis for impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States. It ended with the victory trump — but Ukraine is in this story only lost.

At least we can say that anti-Ukrainian sentiments have become common in the Republican party, among the so-called “nuclear” electorate of Donald trump.

Now what has pushed the President to Zelensky risky step? In fact, since the summer of last year, he personally made great efforts to bring Ukraine out of American politics.

And in recent months Zelensky and his communication team acted quite correctly. The President avoided any comment on Biden and their agreement with trump. Emphasized that Ukraine is not played and will not play on the side of one of the candidates. Emphasized that is important to us bipartisan support of the United States. That is, do exactly what he advised diplomats and experts (including in the pages of EP).

In the end, Ukraine has managed to avoid the worst and to play a significant part of your reputation. But now we risk losing everything. Why it happened — certainly can only know the President. However, it seems that Zelensky was a pawn in someone’s game. Not necessarily just American.

It seems that his desire to “punish Poroshenko” is used to turn Ukraine into a player of American politics.

The fact that these actions of the Prosecutor General’s office may seem safe. About any formal charges against Biden’s not talking. This production of “facts”, and even if it ever comes to the presentation of suspicious (let’s leave aside the question of its validity), it will be addressed to Poroshenko, not the former Vice-President of the United States.

However, it is enough to recall the events of last autumn, to assert that American political processes is not critical.

In the United States will be announced that there is a criminal case, which publicly “supported” the President of Ukraine, and it appears Biden. Even the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office (headed by ally of the President of Ukraine) said that Biden pressed Ukrainian leader, pushing for “acts of high treason”, and thus, the candidate in US presidents have abused power.

What to do?

It is unknown who persuaded the President Zelensky in the eligibility process, which has not only its predecessor, but also the finalist of the American elections. But even if such an external player was not, and what is happening is a personal initiative Zelensky — it doesn’t matter.

The President (and with it the entire country) has embarked on a very dangerous path. Fortunately, it’s not too late to stop. Although a new series of Urahata have provoked reactions in the United States, Ukraine still there are opportunities to “turn back up”.

Is careful to avoid any statements that could be interpreted as supporting one of the candidates, to weigh every word. To refrain from “improvisations” on this subject at least until the election. And if you think about the United States — that each time to emphasize the importance of bipartisan support, and that’s to put point.

With each new statement by the Ukrainian officials (from the President to the Prosecutor), every mention of the criminal case, which involves Biden, rapidly brings us closer to the point of no return.

And that experience will stand by the President personally Zelensky. A few careless phrases at a press conference on the twentieth of may he firmly establish itself this is not very honorable role.