Brazen robbery of Ukrainians: as “protectors Derkach” revealed games Poroshenko tariffs (editor-in-chief, Ukraine)

Although the authenticity of the “tapes Derkach” requires more investigation, these materials will be of great importance both in Ukraine and abroad.

The fact that secret conversation of the President and Vice-President of the United States, which passed through the channel confidential communications were recorded, and then leaked this write-up, will cause negative reaction in the United States. Especially if the leak occurred on the Ukrainian side. When this happened on the American side, and was released a recorded conversation of Donald trump with Vladimir Zelensky in the United States started the whole investigation at the level of Congress. Including this conversation, the Democrats tried to impeach Trump.

Given that former us Vice-President Biden is now a candidate for U.S. President, the Ukrainian government should make every effort to avoid possible charges of Ukrainian authorities of trying another intervention in the course of the presidential elections in the United States by deliberate discharge information, obviously discrediting Biden.

Poroshenko impeachment is not threatened — it is your choices has already lost. However, he faces accusations of surrender of national interests of Ukraine and that he, occupying the position of President, acted under external pressure and in the interests of another country.

It is obvious that in Ukraine there are political forces interested to accuse Poroshenko of treason on the basis of these facts prove that he acted contrary to the interests of the Ukrainian people.

Why the IMF was important to raise tariffs for Ukraine

Among other things, due to the “films Derkach” we learned that Petro Poroshenko boasted Joseph Biden that raised the utility tariffs not 75% as I wanted, the IMF, and more — 100%. This information and other statements, we see that Poroshenko in conversation with Biden wasn’t even trying to protect the interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians. He was reported as taking things under his control, acted in the interests of Western countries, particularly the United States, and about as fulfilling the requirements of the international financial institutions.

If all this holds, and if the former President of Ukraine really made the tariff increase by 100% as a diligent worker, Perepyolkin the requirements of the IMF, that is, of course, will characterize Poroshenko with the negative side and can finally bury him as a politician.

Pull is it a criminal case? This is a question to the investigation.

What was it all for the IMF? The IMF represents the collective will and interests of Western countries. One of their interests is that Ukraine’s economy was less competitive in comparison with developed countries of the West. Therefore, the IMF constantly insists that Ukraine should not be more than low tariffs for gas and electricity and all kinds of resources for the industry than they are in Western countries. Because the lower rates provide lower production costs and give competitive advantages of the Ukrainian economy.

Also, from the point of view of the IMF, Ukraine should not be of lower tariffs for communal services for the population, because these rates largely determine the price of labor, i.e. the wage. If the salary tariff is lower than in Western countries, Ukraine gains a competitive advantage from the point of view of investments.

Remember, Poroshenko himself once said in international forums, inviting investors that we have skilled and cheap labor. And cheap it was because people were spending on utilities is less than the population of the European countries and the USA.

Therefore, raising tariffs, our government makes it necessary to increase salaries, pensions and other payments to cover the growth rates, and thereby reduces the competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy.

In addition, increasing prices of energy resources and raw materials for industry and abandoning state regulation of these prices (or, as they speak the language of Western consultants: “turning to the market price of resources”), the government promotes the privatization of these resources, including with participation of foreign transnational corporations, and incentives for exporting resources from Ukraine.

Therefore, an important response to the question: how economically viable our rates, and not whether they are dictated by purely political considerations? Gas tariffs in Ukraine, for example, what used to that now — inflated. Many opposition politicians in recent years have resulted in calculations, which can not argue. For example, the Ukraine per year, produces about 20 billion cubic meters of gas produced domestically, and the cost and the price of gas is much lower than the price of imported gas. However, under pressure from the IMF, gas prices for industry and for the population systematically artificially increased to the so-called prices of “import parity”.

Besides, during the presidency of Poroshenko imported gas allegedly “imported from Europe”. For this purpose we used a specially created network of intermediary foreign companies-pads, over five years, Ukraine overpaid “for services” of about $ 1.5 billion. At the expense of Ukrainian industry and Ukrainian consumers, of course.

All this decreased the competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy, effectively killing it. Now is it any wonder the destruction of the Ukrainian chemical and partly metallurgical industry?

External control

In addition, today in the forefront the topic of electricity tariffs, which are also going to increase. The current government even stops the blocks of the state nuclear power plant because they produce cheap electricity, which, in turn, makes it more competitive Ukrainian industry.

Rates of “green energy” is almost 8-10 higher than the tariffs for energy produced by the AES. But despite this, Ukraine still the focus is on “green energy”.

While our government refers to that which is required by the West. Now, in a great measure deprived of cheap energy nuclear power stations, the government will raise the tariff for the population. And it will worsen position of citizens, making them poorer, but at the same time will force the authorities to look for opportunities to raise wages and pensions, further consuming the already scarce resources of the state budget.

Thus, Ukraine at a price of resources systematically derive the level of European countries, and lower competitiveness of Ukrainian industry and lower productivity, the industry is doomed to destruction. It is appropriate to also mention the much higher interest rates on loans to Ukrainian industrial enterprises and difficult access to these loans.

Another meaning schemes to tariffs for gas and electricity is that when the price of energy will increase, you will be able to directly export this energy, such as gas. After all already there were “first signs”, i.e. companies that have started to export gas to Europe. And since Europe is more solvent, the export of energy resources to European countries will be deprived of the resources of the Ukraine.

So in full swing struggle for resources. And increasing utility tariffs, the privatisation of the relevant object, the transfer of Naftogaz under external control (Supervisory Council is headed by the citizen of great Britain, and the Council directs our Naftogaz, sitting in London) — all this shows a system that has developed in Ukraine when Poroshenko and which is clearly directed against the interests of the Ukrainian state.

The hope that after the publication of “films Derkach” something changes in Ukraine, which will be revised tariffs, yet. Because the current government is following in the footsteps Poroshenko. After all, Zelensky comes to the Parliament, only to personally support those laws, the adoption of which requires the IMF. Zelensky did not hesitate to say directly that the law about the opening of the land market is a condition of the IMF that the law on the banking system — is also a requirement of the Fund. And when the President himself acts as the representative of the IMF, it directly testifies to the fact of external control Ukraine.

So, perhaps as a result of the publication of “films Derkach” nothing will change, but all the Ukrainians understand that Ukraine has lost its sovereignty that we are no longer self-government that our leaders act in the interests of Western countries and to the detriment of the Ukrainian people. And it will be obvious that with such power Ukrainians will become poorer and poorer.

Viktor Suslov, honored economist of Ukraine, ex-Minister of economy of Ukraine