Editor-in-chief (Ukraine) to live in Ukraine simply dangerous

Ukraine to live dangerously. A few days ago in Odessa, the house fell. In Kiev constantly tearing heating system and any resident of the capital has a chance to be cooked alive in boiling water. During a press conference Zelensky collapsed bridge near Nikopol. Very symbolic!

I always smile when all of our governments assure us that the economy is growing, because somewhere statistics show the growth of GDP. Ukraine’s economy is falling apart all the years of independence. And this is best illustrated by the example of our decaying infrastructure and medicine.

I’ve had to write about this and prove that the main problem of our economy is that it does not create capital. On the contrary, it destroys him. In other words, investments in the Ukrainian economy itself is not worth. This is all due to corruption, lack of independent and fair court, the lack of protection of private property, of the omnipotence of the security forces and officials, etc. In such a business environment, as we do, to achieve return on invested capital normal, honest way is impossible. Capital disappeared from Ukraine all the years of independence, instead of having to come and accumulate. Therefore, the degradation rate of physical capital greatly exceeds the investment made in its restoration.

Capital of the country is sorely lacking. The deficit is hundreds of billions of dollars. This explains the destruction of roads, bridges, homes, railroad tracks, ports, energy facilities, etc. Ahead of the inevitable accidents and disasters, and the process will go on increasing, until, while in Ukraine will be a social revolution.