The quarantine will be extended beyond may 22: Smigel explained the reason

The Prime Minister is confident that the exit from the quarantine goes according to plan and no need to hurry

Ukraine is going according to plan out of the Quarantine, which was approved by the Cabinet, and 11 may operate to the weakening of quarantine restrictions. But this does not mean that 22 may quarantine will be lifted completely. Quarantine COVID-19 in Ukraine will be renewed after may 22, but it will not be a complete lockdown. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal, the press service of the Cabinet.

According to the Prime Minister, while we are not talking about the fact that it will be necessary to re-enter the country is in full lockdown.

“We are talking about adaptive quarantine. If there are local diseases in a particular city – we are introducing a quarantine locally where there are outbreaks. So will live the whole world until you find the vaccine,” – said the Prime Minister.

Also Denis Shmigel noted that now we are not talking about any dates.

“Today we are talking about the fact that the official quarantine in the country is valid until may 22. But this is not the final date, it will be extended,” said Smigel.

He also reminded that the recovery of the public transport – metro and long-haul – will be held on the third stage of release from quarantine. However, when that will happen depends on the dynamics of morbidity.

“We are going quite smoothly for the last 7-8 days. Not increasing daily the number of cases. But we still haven’t had a single day when the number of those who recovered, exceeded or was equal to the number of cases. This step is very important. It is a turning point,” – said Denis Shmyhal.

He also drew attention to the fact that the mitigation of the all-Ukrainian quarantine a large proportion of the responsibility falls on the mayors, which will make the decision on the introduction of adaptive measures and on the strengthening of quarantine.

Recall that the quarantine was introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers on 12 March in connection with the rapid increase in the incidence of Ukrainians coronavirus. It was expected that the quarantine will be lifted after three weeks, after 2 APR. But he, on the contrary, became more rigid, as cases are increasing, there are more than 15 thousand people.

Earlier , the Cabinet presented the plan of an exit of Ukraine from quarantine, which involves five stages.