The Ministry of education changed the admissions deadlines of the campaign

The timing of the opening campaign for school leavers, entrants postponed due to quarantine

The Ministry of education and science decided to change the conditions of admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

As reported on the official website of the Ministry has changed the timing of the opening campaign in 2020 all the dates shifted by a month (August), taking into account the forecast development of the epidemiological situation.

So, high school graduates will be able to begin electronic registration offices from 1 August, and the reception of applications and documents will take place from 13 to 22 August (for applicants by results of external independent testing), and until 16 August for applicants who will pass the exams.

Creative competitions and entrance examinations will be held from 1 to 12 August. Recommendations for admission to the budget will be publish not later than 27 August, and the submission by applicants of documents – until the evening of August 31.

The Ministry of education also provided for the applicants the possibility to submit original documents by mail (and in this regard to 5 days increased the interval between the last date of submission of documents and publication of the order of enrollment).

It is also envisaged that applicants will be able to send email with scanned copies of the required documents, placing them in qualified electronic signature, and the documents to bring after it started.

Also moved the timing of the e-rooms for incoming master’s degree students, admission of documents and recommendations is also postponed for a month.

In addition, they expanded the categories of applicants who can exercise the right to transfer to vacant positions of state order (persons for whom one of the parents (adoptive parents) was a COP who was killed or adjudged missing person in the performance of his duties).

In admission also establishes the right of foreigners and persons without citizenship, including foreign Ukrainians who reside in Ukraine, persons recognized as refugees and persons in need of complementary protection, to receive higher education as citizens of Ukraine, including at the expense of the state or local budget, subject to the fulfilment of the same requirements to join, as for the citizens of Ukraine.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, when the end of the academic year in schools in terms of quarantine.

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