The Euro fell to the record since March, the dollar also fell

The national Bank calculated the value of the Ukrainian currency against the dollar and Euro

On Friday, may 8, the national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has calculated the official rate of hryvnia against major foreign currencies:

1 USD – 26,85 UAH;
1 Euro 29,10 UAH;
10 Russian rubles – UAH 3,64.

Thus, compared to yesterday’s values the dollar fell 11 cents after a decline of five cents in the previous Bank denü. “Green” remains below the psychological mark of 27 hryvnia. The week – 30 may 8 – the national currency has strengthened against the us for 15 cents.

The Euro today fell back by 17 cents, following a similar decline in the previous banking day. The Euro fell below the psychological mark of 29 hryvnia for the first time since March 16. The value of 10 Russian rubles rose by four pennies.

Currency was less the experts identified the main risks for the hryvnia

As you know, the official dollar exchange rate is calculated on the basis of performance on the interbank market, but with some lag. Thursday, April 7, the dollar has fallen in price by seven cents in buying and selling. The American currency closed at the level 27,80/27,82 UAH (buy/sell). The Euro fell by 13 kopecks in buying and 15 – for sale. To close, the Euro was traded at the level of 28.92/29,94 UAH (buy/sell). Today’s auction has not started yet.

Earlier, experts told the website, “Today”, what will be the dollar in may. But how will the national Bank turn on the printing press to fill the coffers, learn from the video:

Video: Naprogesic dollar

Initially, the budget 2020 calculations were made on the basis of the dollar at the end of 2020 at the level of 27.5 UAH/USD., however, the dollar rate in the budget in 2020 changed by 29.5 UAH/USD. In the Ministry of Finance, the NBU has repeatedly assured: “budget” rate is not a forecast, so it should be seen solely as a technical indicator.

In the latest IMF forecast indicated that by the end of 2020, the dollar in Ukraine will be 27,72 UAH/USD. In 2021, the hryvnia, according to IMF estimates, will fall to 28,70 UAH/USD. In 2022, the course is 29,67 UAH/USD., 2023 – of 30.64 UAH/USD. And by 2024-mu the course will be at the end of the year 31,61 UAH/USD. However, this projection may soon be revised due to the fact that in the world the economic crisistriggered by the pandemic coronavirus.

  • The historical maximum the official rate of the dollar – 30.01 UAH – was made in Feb 2015. Record the official Euro exchange rate in Ukraine – UAH 35,66 – a 26 January 2018.
  • For 2015, the hryvnia depreciated by half, for 2016 – has depreciated by 12.9%, and in 2017 the rate of the national currency has weakened by only 3%. In 2018, the hryvnia has strengthened by 1.4% and in 2019 – already at 14.5%.
  • According to “the big Mac Index“, the dollar in Ukraine “should” cost 10.05 UAH, however, experts urge not to take this index seriously, because it does not reflect the full economic picture.