Editor-in-chief (Ukraine): with the blessing of Poroshenko, or the real version of explosions in Balakleya

Temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada has established that the mining and the undermining of ammunition depots in Balakleya was intentional. And most experts still from the first moment said that the arson was premeditated — for the purpose of concealment of shortage. Ammunition was sold and to hide it, set it on fire. This is the most truthful version of what happened. Moreover, according to eyewitnesses, on the eve of the fire ammunition from Blakley took out machines and cars.

We must not forget that the majority of conflicts in different parts of the world still being examples of Soviet weapons, ranging from Kalashnikov assault rifles and ending with tanks T-72 and T-62. And since the barrel of T-72 survived and T-90 ammunition still apply to newer models.

Because the Commission’s findings are absolutely real, as more likely, explosions have occurred with the consent of the President. Moreover, all the warehouses, where recent fires occurred, were under the Central government, i.e. the chief of the General staff. And do not be surprised what will pop up interesting facts, if you attract someone from senior management of the APU to justice — in particular, you may find that the burnt ammo was not listed on the balance Mat. And therefore to say exactly what is burned now, no one can.

“Black” sale of ammunition began since Kuchma — then burned the warehouses in Bahmut, Novobohdanivka, willow. All this happened for one simple reason — previously in Ukraine with the disbandment of the troops after the fighting in Germany, Czechoslovakia and Poland, most of the weapons stayed with us and we had millions of tons of reserves in excess. And the inventory and accounting was conducted actually by granary books. Because during the war, any deficiency can be easily attributed to sabotage and actively began to burn the warehouses, probably tidying and those shortages that were previously.

What’s the situation with supplies of ammunition — a rhetorical question. Because today we need again to open each box and count all the shells again, and not only those that remained in the warehouses but the inventory units. Just to say while one — ammo is now sufficient for the next five-six years of war, they will be enough.

Oleg Zhdanov, the military expert, retired Colonel