Dryers with a guarantee of productivity and quality

In the current, heavy for the entire state, representatives of the agricultural industry trying to meet the expectations of its consumers and preserve the grain. And for this, they again turn to the services of the enterprise Libnames where the proposed grain dryer manufacturer of domestic equipment for elevators Libnames.

Criteria of quality equipment

In the production line of the company – only its own development, projects and innovation. For decades plant Lubrimax put emphasis on the quality of the equipment, because it determines how successful the preservation of grain crops. Due to the rational engineering survey of the designers of the enterprise Lubrimax was the proposed high level design of grain dryers of various modifications.

Their technological and operational characteristics to successfully compete with suppliers of the European market of agricultural machinery. Moreover, in many respects, the equipment brand Lubrimax superior to their foreign counterparts, as perfectly adapted to local agricultural conditions and strategies of production and storage of agricultural crops.

While the obvious priority is always affordable and fair price of Lubrimax dryers and other equipment for the agricultural sector.

This gives grounds for the silo already dried, and hence good harvest. And, consequently, the sowing campaign in the spring of next year will not be burdened with a large amount of waste of the grain mass. The dryer Lubrimax characterized by the highest levels of productivity, they ensure the full achievement of the established quality parameters of grain.

Complex solution for the agricultural sector from Lubrimax

Own production and installation teams and production enterprise Lubrimax provides not only the manufacture of dryers for grain, but also a full comprehensive service enterprises of agriculture, through the construction of an Elevator from the factory Lubnymash.

This ensures complete all the required equipment, its installation, adjustment and initial commissioning. In the process of using equipment from the factory, Lubrimax farmers can count on service on the technical and operational part of all designs of Elevator equipment.

The plant takes care of its own credibility of the brand and the quality of manufactured equipment for agricultural needs. And this concern manifests itself in thousands of manufactured structures that have already received recognition. In particular, the dryer enterprise Lubrimax gained notoriety for its productivity and economical consumption of energy far beyond Ukraine. And now Lubrimax products are exported to many countries of the near abroad and Europe.