A large swimming – a good Chartplotter

In recent years, sea and river navigation has experienced a revolution that resulted in the mass of available fish finders and chartplotters. Now fishermen and travelers was easier to make their raids.

About the benefits of certain sonar and Chartplotter (devices and navigation systems and gidralazinom) we will not argue. We only introduce our loyal readers with what is offered by the manufacturers of such devices.

 For shallow waters

If you are an avid fisherman and usually are fishing in a small closed water bodies, then you just need an inexpensive echo sounder. Similar geolocator able in real time to find all the anomalous and rough places on the bottom. In these places, according to experienced fishermen, is a fish.

Manufacturers of sounders provided that fishers get the most extended picture of what is happening under the water, and equipped with a shallow-water echo-sounders, wide beam, which although does not penetrate to great depths, but are able to capture a large section of the bottom width.

The cost of these separators is relatively low, but experienced fishermen and even manages to save significantly. A friend of mine shared the link to the service price, which he picked up a cheap depth sounder: http://ek.ua/list/279/. There I subsequently found and quite affordable chartplotters for serious swimming.

For boaters

For bigger boats, whose owners commit to a long and extended voyage, manufacturers offer chartplotters that combines the depth sounders, and GPS systems, and onboard computers.

Chart plotter on small boat – thing is really necessary. In addition to informing the owner of the vessel or control vessel of a person about the underwater dangers that lie under the water in the form of shoals or other obstacles, chartplotters and perform the function of a guide, giving the names of the Islands, settlements, and even routes of the coast guard. In addition, they will tell you the location of nearby cafes and restaurants, beaches and other places with developed infrastructure.

Navigation and sonar devices will help in any situation. Some are even equipped with a panic button, when clicked, the coordinates of the location of the vessel will be taken to emergency services. The agreements with the latter, of course.