What are the risks of weight loss cereals

Basic aspects of food

The basis of food — cereals without salt and without oil. In unlimited quantity, with any multiplicity. The evening is also possible. Should be excluded from the diet of fish, meat, bakery, seafood, sugar, sweets, potatoes, butter, chocolate. Allowed cereal with milk. You can add to your diet fresh vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, honey, nuts, vegetable oil. For the best effect of diet before starting the diet it is good to hold a cleansing enema.

The effect of diet on the body

Cereal by fiber in its composition of clean the intestines of toxins and impurities, normalizes digestion and metabolism. In the end, people are not only healthier, but also receives from kas the effect of weight loss.

This diet is not exhausting as saturated in complex carbohydrates, which for a long time give a feeling of satiety.

Only for the first week diet promises weight loss of up to 10 kg.

Fruit and vegetables will strengthen the cleansing effect of the diet through the fiber.



  • Karina Deyneko, a nutritionist at the fitness center Tsarsky City Resort

Diet on cereals is one of the few that can be called a low hazard for health. However, these dangers exist.

Food only cereals defective: it does not provide the entire spectrum of nutrients and in the quantities that the body needs daily. And eat so requested at least a week.

In addition, if a person has digestive problems (of any nature), there is a high likelihood of constipation, as cereals are rich in starch. Contraindicated diet for this reason and the elderly: they have a bowel movements with age, physiologically slowing down.

If problems with the gastrointestinal tract not, cereal will cleanse the intestines: absorb toxins and excess fluid, and the weight would decrease due to the removal of excess liquid (if not using salt and other products).

At the same time, the liquid was gone, you should drink between meals cereals water — about 2.5 litres a day. Paradox? No. The fact that the deficit flow of water in the body it begins to hold it within themselves to maintain normal metabolism, because all biochemical reactions in the human body occur in the aquatic environment. And if people will have enough to drink, the liquid accumulation will not occur, and excess, unnecessary body the water is really gone.


  • Minus one kilogram per day how lose weight on buckwheat top model

Also weight loss will occur due to the fact that cereal — calorie product. But! The weight will be reduced only in the first few days, and if you continue to follow a diet for a long time, the weight may even increase. Because carbohydrates (and cereals is starchy and starchy product) during the second half of the day tend to “turn off” the hormones weight reduction are synthesized from us at night. Also, our metabolism decreases when debt monocomponent low-calorie diet and slow metabolism in the long term is a sure way to extra pounds.

As for adding fruit, then what kind of slimming it? Because the glycemic index of your meals will be even higher. And the higher it is, the greater the likelihood of weight gain.
Porridge in tandem with fructose/sucrose in large quantities possible in the diet of those who are involved in sports and leads active lifestyle: carbohydrates — is energy, and with heavy physical activity to work the muscles of her needs more. But what these “practicing” sugar amid shortages of a whole range of nutrients in the diet? The person will experience weakness and irritability. As possible with such health and spirits heals? Anger and fatigue in this mono-diet will be and those who do not attend the gym.

But as fasting days (1-2 times per week) nutrition cereals (6-7 throughout the day 150-200 g) can be used. It is important to drink at least 2-2. 5 liters of water. Also in the finished porridge, add a little vegetable oils (Thistle, pumpkin, flax): this will improve the functioning of the liver. Fruits, dairy and protein foods (those mushrooms), add is not: it is not monopatia or fasting day, which, if short, will be the catalyst of metabolism due to the useful microstress.
Buckwheat groats (preferably green raw) is good for women because it is rich in iron and folic acid. Oatmeal (not quick cooking, whole grain) — will suit men, as it has a pronounced anabolic effect, helping to maintain and build muscle. For unloading of the cereals are also suitable cereals: millet, barley, wheat, quinoa, wild rice.

Holding the enema and colonic at home I would not recommend. Without exception, contraindications and advice of a physician, such procedures might hurt. In particular, disturbed intestinal microflora and mucous membrane, which does not affect digestion. And, therefore, the aim pursued — cleansing and weight loss — will not be achieved.

One important caveat: it is impossible to arrange a fasting day, not having healthy and nutritious diet before. When an unhealthy diet (with a focus on flour products, potatoes, candies, mayonnaise, sausages, ketchup and sauces, fried foods, lack of vegetables in the diet — less of 400-600 g per day) in the body there is a deficiency of nutrients, and the sharp transition to more scarce food (only cereals) is for the body not microstresses, and the full stress that will negatively affect the metabolism. In addition, when an unhealthy diet, the level of toxins in the body and “extra” in the gut is through the roof, and transition to unload mononational increase the toxicity of the body and enhance the probability of problems with a chair.