How to be a survivor: useful and effective tips

Dan Buettner is a famous American traveler and writer. He has researched “blue zones” of the Earth in the framework of the project “National Geografic”, and then wrote a book with homenim the name “Blue zone” (edition MYTH).

5 “blue zones” of the planet

“Blue zones” — pockets of longevity around the world. Among them the Japanese island of Okinawa, Costa Rica and Sardinia. There are a lot of people older than 110 years. They share a curious feature: the ability to enjoy simple pleasures and do not hurry, special order of the day and food, attitude towards family, laughter and work.


Eat vegetables, enjoy life, be kind to people and smile often”, — the Council of the 102-year-old Italian.

Lifestyle is the most powerful factor determining health and well-being. People who have lived more than a century, often say: eat right, worry less, move more often and more love.

Create your moai

The Okinawans create a moai — a group of friends, supporting each other forever. They can count on a real and psychological assistance at any time. Loneliness has a negative impact on humans and takes years of life. Studies show that even introverts feel more comfortable among people.

Communication is one of the most reliable and universal means to strengthen health and happiness.


It’s not important how many friends you have, but how they look at life. Each each optimist increases our positive attitude by 9% and each pessimist lowers by 7%.

How to eat to live to a hundred years

The inhabitants of the “blue zones” don’t calculate calories, don’t take supplements, don’t think about the amount of protein in the dish. They adhere to certain rituals in the diet, which help them not to stray from the right path for many years.

Most of the food they eat before noon. For example, on the Nicoya Peninsula usually eat two breakfasts and a light dinner. With a hearty meal from the residents of Ikaria and Sardinia, but in Okinawa prefer not to eat.


  • They are old: what products in any case can not be used on the face as a mask

Of course, it’s one thing to know what you need to eat right, and quite another to do it. The book contains many recipes for delicious and nutritious dishes “a La blue zone”: for example, Greek salad, burgers and beans, spices and chicken in wine.

Healing love

To the question about the secret of their longevity of Sardinian centenarians respond that the reason is the clean air, local wine and regular “making love on Sundays”. For residents of the “blue zones” family and intimacy plays a big role. Even in old age love allows them to remain young soul.

Maintain a trusting relationship with the family, gather every week for dinner or lunch, and share successes and experiences.
Surprisingly, the conviction that life has meaning, increases expectancy by about seven years. And the correctness of the second half.

The “blue zone” your home

The inhabitants of the “blue zones” there is no need to fight with the environment to be healthy. That is environment contributes to their longevity. But you can create around yourself and your family the blue zone means at hand — regardless of your coordinates.

How to do it? For example, put healthy foods in a prominent place, leave the house with only one TV, hang in the bedroom, blackout curtains and close them at night. Get a dog to move more. Or potted plants — watering plants burns the same amount of calories as stretching exercises or walking. Ensure that the plant foods in your diet has been no less than 95% — so eat all centenarians.

Photo by: jarmoluk

And don’t buy cereal bags. It turns out, we prepare 23% more food if you take the products of large capacities, and hence overeat.


  • Nutritionists spoke about the incredible benefits of honey for health

At least a little changing your eating habits, you will extend your life and, very importantly, the lives of their families – for several decades. Become healthier and happier.