Ukrainians are told how much you are willing to pay for the customs clearance of a car

Today, many Ukrainians are outraged by the cost of customs clearance of cars. Cheap to buy and to bring a car from Europe, but customs clearance need to pay three or even six times more than the cost of the car, writes ICTV.

For example, in Europe you can buy Volkswagen Touareg 2008 release for 5 thousand euros. In the end, taking into account all the components of customs clearance, you will need to give 16 555 euros. For the money in Ukraine, you can buy a used SUV Hyundai ix35.

Many Ukrainians have said they are ready to give for the customs clearance of no more than 300 – 600 euros, because so much is customs clearance in European countries.

By the way, in Poland at the cost of the car in 1 thousand euros of tax and customs fees will be:

100 Euro customs duty of 10%;
34.1 million Euro excise duty of 3.1%;
260,8 Euro the VAT tax is 23%;
394,9 Euro the total cost of all fees.

Also, a few people in the survey indicated that the price of customs clearance should not exceed 10% of the cars abroad.

In General, Ukrainians are not ready to pay for the customs clearance of the vehicle more than 1 thousand euros. Although some indicated that it should not pay for what they bought the car in another country, or agree to pay only for the paper where you printed the document on customs clearance.

Obligatory payments at customs clearance cars in Ukraine:

  • Import customs duty

According to the law On Customs tariff of Ukraine, import customs duty is 10% of the customs value of the vehicle (hereinafter the vehicle. – Ed.)

(With the exception of buses with diesel engines of motor for more than 5 years, official car to carry more than 10 persons (20%), electric (0%) and new passenger cars with engine capacity over 3 litres (5%).

  • Excise duty

For different types of vehicles there are in their own way and depends on the type of vehicle, engine size, its type (diesel or gasoline), the age of the car.

  • Customs clearance
  • VAT. Is 20% of the amount of the customs value of the car, excise duty and import duties.

We will remind, owners of old cars to Lithuanian and other foreign rooms in Ukraine began to actively take their cars for dismantling. Car owners fear that after the New year with these machines will either have to leave or pay taxes