What kind of food you can and should stock up for the year ahead

Due to the fact that prices for foodstuffs growing by leaps and bounds, you need to stock up on provisions for a few months or even a year in advance. Very handy that there is plenty of food “without a specific expiry date” and we can keep it at home.


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Below we will discuss what kind of products.

  • Honey

In honey’s low water content and high amount of sugar, which leads to the fact that the bacteria are virtually unable to reproduce. In addition, honey contains low levels of hydrogen peroxide, which promotes the growth of microbes. However, the processing and packaging heat treatment removes water from the honey, and the lid protects from moisture. This allows you to store honey longer.

  • Dried beans

As in the case of honey, the secret of long storage – proper handling and storage. Drying beans increases the sugar concentration while reducing the content of water, so bacteria and mold in them do not germinate. If properly stored dried beans and not to let moisture, they will a long time remain a great source of protein.

  • Soy sauce

Soy sauce can be stored up to three years. However, the exact expiration date depends on the type of soy sauce and when you opened the bottle.

  • Vinegar

Someone thinks that vinegar is sour wine or cider. However, its acidic environment means that bacteria will be difficult there to multiply and grow. White vinegar can be stored virtually forever, but other types of vinegar can change the color and give a precipitate.

  • White rice

White rice can remain edible if stored in tin cans. In this process air and the temperature. According to research by rice require a low temperature (about three degree Celsius) and air with a low oxygen content.

  • Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can be stored for a long time, although its appearance may vary. This is due to the fact that changing the temperature: the fat in the chocolate rises to the surface and appears white fuzz, like mold.