Yushchenko: Ukraine needs a referendum on joining NATO

At the level of broad initiatives we need to undertake a national referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO and once to give the will power, where to go. About it to journalists after the international forum “the Dawn of Europe: the historical pattern of civilizational choice,” said the third President of independent Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko.

“I’m a big supporter of the referendum. It enshrines a vision of political power, which will come in 5-10 years, no matter when we are in the EU. If 2/3 of Ukrainians will say: we have learned from war, we are taught suffering, the deaths of our heroes, so we choose the integration into NATO as the basis of our security policy… This means you any President that will come in 10-20 years, give the doctrine that an external security policy can move only in the direction of integration into NATO,” – said Yushchenko.

Answering the question on participation of States in the negotiation format with Russia, according to Viktor Yushchenko, without the participation of the United States such conflicts, as the Russian occupation in Crimea and Donbass, are not solved.

“In 1994, we voluntarily handed over 1300 nuclear missiles with 10 warheads each, and it’s Arsenal more than the French, British and Chinese combined. We were hoping that doing the big world mission, put an end to the Cold war, we believed that received a fundamental partners who own nuclear umbrella. These relations today cutting. When we talked about the six conflicts in Eastern Europe, five of them is no guarantee of any country in the world. For the territorial integrity of Ukraine was signed by the five nuclear countries of the world,” concluded the ex-President.

Recall the words of the second President of independent Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, Russia wants to create in the Donbass another frozen conflict.