The European Parliament proposed to abolish roaming charges with Ukraine

In the European Parliament (EP) has proposed to abolish roaming charges in mobile communications between the European Union and Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, to create a trust Fund for investments in Ukraine and may impose new sanctions against Russia. These measures are contained in the draft report with the recommendations of the European Parliament, other European institutions in the run-up to the November summit of the EU program “Eastern partnership”, reports “Radio Freedom”.

The European Parliament provides for the three countries participating in the program submit an attractive model of the “Eastern partnership-plus”, which would include, besides those mentioned, the introduction of a unilateral tariff preference or the creation of broadband high power.

This model is “plus” can be offered and three other participants of the Eastern partnership, Armenia, Belarus and Azerbaijan, “when they are ready for such advanced features,” reads the document.

The project, which must first be considered at the meeting of the foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament on Thursday, 14 September, the European Commission together with the European investment Bank has developed a plan to create “a new European investment plan for Ukraine and other participating countries of “Eastern partnership” , which made the greatest progress in reforms”.

A new trust Fund for Ukraine, as the document says, should focus on private and public investment, particularly in social and economic infrastructure, as well as those which aim to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to master investments.

The document also, among other things, noted support for the restoration of the full sovereignty of Ukraine in Crimea, Georgia’s Abkhazia and South Ossetia and Moldova in Transnistria.

In addition, the project proposes to support the European aspirations of partner countries, Recalling the current EU position that “any European country may apply for membership in the European Union if it meets the Copenhagen criteria and democratic principles and upholds fundamental freedoms and human rights and minorities and the rule of law “.

The draft before its consideration by the full European Parliament in November may still undergo changes.

Now the EU countries are working on the text of the so-called “Brussels Declaration”, which must be approved by the participants of the summit “Eastern partnership” in Brussels in November. The main controversy going around whether the Declaration to be a “recognition of European aspirations” of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Such a proposal was in the “Riga Declaration” of the summit of “Eastern partnership” in 2015, but now, according to diplomats the EU, against this phrase are Germany and the Netherlands.

Recall, according to the relevant national Commission, Ukraine may cancel the charges for mobile roaming EU countries in 2019-2020. Previously on free for Ukrainians roaming in the European Union, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.