What products are most useful for women’s health: expert advice

To maintain the normal activities of the reproductive organs a woman should pay attention to some foods which must be included in the diet, writes goodhouse.com.ua.

Estrogen – the major female sex hormones responsible for the reproductive system in women. A sufficient level of estrogen in the blood not only helps a woman to get pregnant normally and give birth to a child, but also supports the normal functioning of other organs and systems of the female body.


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Extremely useful for the female reproductive system are fatty fish and avocados. These products contain large amounts of fatty polyunsaturated acids omega-3 and omega-6, which participated in the elaboration of female sex hormones. Also useful are vegetable foods containing phytoestrogens – plant analogs of female sex hormones. Most today know about the phytoestrogens contained in soy. Also contained in wheat, lentils, oats, apples, carrots, pomegranate and mint. Especially, these products will be useful for women after 35, when estrogen level decreases.

  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition for women

Inflammatory processes in the urogenital system – the phenomenon is quite common. To effectively combat inflammation a woman needs to consume enough protein. It can be lean meat, fish, dairy products and plant protein sources like spinach. When cooking try to limit the use of animal fat, thus to completely eliminate it. The preference for boiled, baked and braised dishes. Also a great anti-inflammatory properties of cranberries. This berry is perfectly fight infections in the urogenital system and is a source of antioxidants that prolong youth.

  • You need to eliminate from the diet

The most dangerous for the health of the female reproductive system is alcohol. Alcoholic drinks impair the functioning of the ovaries, affect the process of formation of the ovum, the formation of defects.

Too salty food can strengthen negative manifestations of premenstrual syndrome. You should also limit the consumption of sweets, because they increase the risk of developing inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. A fascination with strong tea and coffee may impair the activity of the mammary glands, because these drinks increase the production of the hormone prolactin.