Shaving the intimate area is injurious to health – American scientists

When shaving the pubic area more than a quarter of people suffer from cuts, burns and rashes, found by the dermatologists. Some do after hair removal have wounds to go to the doctors. Experts suggest that maybe the guidance for the safe disposal of vegetation will help to reduce the level of injuries, according to

The researchers from the University of California in San Francisco wrote in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Dermatologists interviewed 7570 people, of whom 5674 (76.1 percent) reported that remove hair in the crotch in some way. Of these, 94% did so independently, not resorting to services of beauty salons.

More than a quarter of those who got rid of vegetation, faced with the unpleasant consequences. More often – 61% of cases were cuts. Second place (23%) took burns received the hair removal wax. In 12% of cases respondents were suffering from consequent rashes.

In addition, almost one in ten said that after the hair removal, he developed infectious inflammation.

And 1.5% were forced to go to the doctor to deal with the consequences of shaving. Moreover, almost half of them needed surgical intervention – an autopsy abscess or suturing.

Among men, the most common cuts of the scrotum is reported 67% of respondents. 35% told about the stabbing member, 29% – of the pubis. Women, conversely, often injured pubis – in 51% of cases. Cuts inner thigh met in 45%, vaginal is 43%, the area between the vagina and anus – from 13% the anus – 6%.


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Although serious injuries, fortunately, were rare, the researchers believe that it will not hurt to develop a special guide on how to remove hair in the perineum, which will reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. In addition, they note that in fact, people who are faced with cuts and burns, can be more – it is possible that some respondents simply did not pay attention to the injuries or forget about them.

Earlier, another team of researchers interviewed 3316 women to find out why they remove the hair in the crotch. As it turned out, more than half did it for hygienic reasons. However, this perception of hygiene is contrary to the facts: people who remove the hair between the legs, 70% more likely to have experienced STDs and 90% more often with pubic lice. Every fifth woman was freed from the vegetation for a partner, some argued that without the hair feel sexier.