So Russia rehabilitates Assad

The slogans raised in Charlottesville in support of the Syrian regime and its army, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, Russia has succeeded in changing attitudes towards Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the rehabilitation of his image. She made it through two strategies. Objects first become citizens who are afraid of radical Islam, and the second — the decision makers, who were promised certain political dividends.

Russia not only creates around itself a favorable international environment, using the policy of “accomplished facts”, but also contributed to the creation of a positive image of Assad destroying the ruling for five years stereotypes around his person, according to which the Syrian President is a murderer of his people.

Russian military and political intervention in Syria has not led to the end of the war in favor of Assad and did not set out to defeat the armed opposition groups, according to the representatives of the opposition, who were out of the game at the last international transactions. This intervention resulted in a shift in the position of the international community in favor of Russia, which today serves as a sponsor of the Syrian settlement, and in favor of Assad, who is now able to breathe after the recent British and American news reports.

The first strategy of Russia had a military-political character, its aim was to reduce the level of military opposition to the Assad regime through the elimination of those forces that represented for him the greatest threat. In addition, Moscow sought to strengthen the authority of the Syrian leader in the cities by entering into political agreements with the United States and Turkey relating to the North and South of the country. These agreements brought the opposition to cooperate, allowing the Syrian regime to focus its efforts on the fight against terrorism in the face of “Islamic state” in the North and East of the country, and “An-Nusra” in the vicinity of Damascus and in the North.

The second strategy was aimed at giving the regime the image of a fighter against Islamic extremism that pose a threat to the West, which have suffered from terrorist attacks in the past. All this has strengthened the role of Assad, freeing him from the unfavorable conclusion of military agreements, allowing him to fully concentrate on the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

As a result, the Western television cameras moved from the North, where the parties came under bomb barrels in the center and East of the country. Lens CNN along with the British media, has consolidated its image of a fighter against terrorism with the help of surveys of the fighting in the Syrian desert against the “Islamic state”. All of this is happening simultaneously with the Russian propaganda. Thus, Assad is regarded as a fighter with the terrorist organizations, and that part of the opposition, which he opposes, is also seen as a terrorist. According to the image you created, Assad became the protector of the West, not allowing terrorism to infiltrate Europe via the Mediterranean.


“No Exit Plan”
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Restoration of the image of Assad among the population is supplemented by the fact that Russia promises economic benefits that can be obtained after settlement. Although Western companies can get their share of contracts, they can exceed all expectations in the preservation in power of Assad, because the pressure from the society due to Russian efforts to improve the image of the President would force the West to normalize relations with Assad.

At the moment, when there is the rise of the right in the world, Assad may navigate with the left edge to the right. Thus, the international community is to meet Assad, gripped by fears that Russia settled in the heart of Europe.