How to stop fear of flying on airplanes

Despite the fact that planes are the safest form of transport, aerophobia – a fairly common fear. Can it be overcome?

As a rule, our fears of flying have been fuelled by news stories of crashes and lack of knowledge. Any plane crash becomes the top news, though, according to statistics, accidents involving vehicles happen often on the order, writes “Home”.

The good news is that aerophobia is treated: the more you fly the faster the fear will recede. These tips will help you overcome the fear of flying and make your flight comfortable!


  • What fears are preventing us to travel

Acknowledge your fear. There is nothing shameful – to admit to themselves and others in their fears. According to statistics, about 25% of people suffer from aerophobia, and you are one of them. Before the flight can warn the flight attendants of its features, and they will be more attentive to you personally.

Take a break. Distraction is a great way to get rid of fear of flying. Take in the plane a fascinating novel, a collection of crossword puzzles or a book on English. The more you upload your brain, the less you will have the opportunity to think about his fear.

Relax. Download phone favorite relaxing tunes. Put on your headphones immediately after planting, and enjoy wonderful music. If you practice meditation, the time of flight can spend, practicing meditative techniques. Even regular deep breathing (in 4 accounts breath, 4 account – exhale) will help to relax the mind and body.

Provide yourself a comfort zone. Perhaps you have items that increase your mood and give feeling of comfort. It can be a plush toy, your favorite Slippers or the ring. Feel free to take this thing in flight.

Do not drink alcohol. There is a widespread belief that alcohol relaxes during flight and eliminates fear. This is true, but you never know how to behave in your body, pumped up by alcohol, at the height of 10-15 km above ground level. You may become ill, you may become aggressive or hysterical. Not to complicate the flight themselves or others.

Use visualization. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as you sit on the plane, fly, then land at the destination. Imagine that the landing gives you a lot of positive emotions. I can repeat to myself the affirmation: “I am going to land safely, I know that I can overcome my fear.”

Remind yourself of the purpose of the trip. Mentally make a list of reasons why you have used air transport. Certainly they are quite convincing in order to overcome your fears.

Rethink attitude to turbulence. The vast majority of cases, the turbulence is not at risk for flight, and only bring unpleasant moments to passengers. It’s like that the bumps on the road: unpleasant, when it shakes, but no more. Can find more information on why there is turbulence. Whenever you find yourself in a zone of turbulence, to repeat myself: “It’s just a bump in the road will shake and stop”.