Named easy way to slow aging

American scientists have once again proved anti-aging properties low calorie diet. This power system contributes to the maintenance of the biological clock at a later age and prevents aging, reports the website

Experts from the University of California conducted experiments on mice. They used 6-month and 18-month-old rodents, which take tissue samples of the liver.

Animals were fed in different ways. In mice that were given normal food, I observed marked changes with age, reports EurekAlert!. However, the group of rodents, the diet were 30% fewer calories for six months, the biological clock “rejuvenated”. According to scientists, this slowed the process of physiological aging.


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We will remind, in February of this year, experts from the Brigham young University came to similar conclusions. They found that ribosomes during starvation reduce its own activity. In turn, this gives them more cellular resources for self-healing.

According to experts, these results demonstrate a moderate use of fasting. Future research will show exactly how a particular diet affects the metabolism in human cells, and it will allow you to develop strategies to increase life expectancy.

In addition, other scientists have discovered 25 genes associated with circadian rhythms, with increased activity in adulthood. The reason for this the scientists saw in their protective functions, manifested in slowing down the aging process.