Error or intent: why Tajikistan “hang” on Iran assassinations ‘ 90s

Dushanbe — on Tuesday on the Central television of Tajikistan in the ranking, the evening showed the film, which directly stated that Iran in the 90-ies has funded a series of high-profile assassinations committed in the country.

It is worth noting two important points. First: the film was made with the support of the Ministry of interior, is positioned as a documentary and shown on state channel. That is, to a certain extent reflect the official position of the authorities.

Second: for the release of such a film on the TV screen is selected to be extremely bad timing.

The fact that Tehran recently hosted the inauguration of President Hassan Rouhani. From Tajikistan to congratulate Rouhani has arrived the Minister of energy and water resources Usmonali Ponsoda. Which, among other things, represents the Tajik side in the negotiations with the Iranians on overcoming the crisis in relations between the two countries.

All the more strange seemed the evening screening of the film: on the one hand the conciliation talks with the leader of the state — a charge the same state funding of assassinations.

Since television was unable to immediately comment on the situation, Sputnik Tajikistan decided to ask the experts, what can be related to a provocative movie.

“I think it’s a coincidence. Why would the Republican leadership so pointedly to spoil relations with Iran? If the film is not an accident, it is a disservice, including those concerning the Iranian-Tajik relations,” — says a senior researcher of the Center for civilizational and regional studies Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of historical Sciences rakhimbek Bobohonov.

The argument he cites the unwillingness to communicate on the subject of any of the authorities, which logically ought to somehow comment on the release of the film.

According to him, when journalists arrived at the office of the Center for strategic studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, and the head of the centre, and his assistant to discuss the situation didn’t want. Bobohonov said that the film began to shoot at the time about the warming of relations between Iran and Tajikistan out of the question. A screening of the film at such a wrong time should be regarded as an unfortunate slip of the guide channel.

Don’t agree with that expert on Central Asia analyst Alexander Knyazev.

“I believe that it is a conscious attack against Iran. Hardly the leadership of an individual Agency in Tajikistan will arise initiatives that were not coordinated with the center. The release of such a film is a very significant event, but because the trip to Tehran is rather of the imitation nature”, — the expert believes.

And this is a significant event not only for Tajikistan. According to Knyazev, the customers and the producers of this movie can sit far outside the Republic, specifically in Riyadh.

“Perhaps RT is just a tool of others, the Saudi influence. In this case, one of the goals of the film quarrel between the two allies — Iran and Russia”, — said Alexander Knyazev Sputnik Tajikistan.

In principle, the reason for such a statement there is. A significant part of the film was dedicated to the 20 slain officers of the 201st Russian war base

The story itself was built around the fact that the ex-General Abduhalim Nazarbad, accused of preparing a military coup and killed during the arrest in 2015, was the main organizer of the murders, the financing of which involved Iran.

The other suspect is Abdukodir Abdulloev, — confessed to the murder of a former speaker of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan, Safarali Kenjaev, confirmed that together by nazarzadeh had undergone military training in Iran.

It should be noted that after viewing the opinions of viewers, the network was divided and was very categorical.

Some have suggested the boycott of Iran and to hold accountable individuals behind the organization of murders of twenty years ago.

Others, however, accused the militiamen in the desire to hang on to some mysterious Iranians unsolved “cold cases” and criticized the power, that they forgot about the historical role of Iran in ending the civil war of 1992 — 1997.

Itself the customer still keeps silence. But the Iranian Embassy in Tajikistan, the newspaper reported that the mission of the Islamic Republic will soon spread in the media a statement regarding the documentary.

In any case, it’s safe to say that this film screening will complicate the already difficult relations between the two countries.