TOP 5 tips: how to keep skin young after sun

From year to year beauticians warn that tanning is harmful, because sunlight dries the skin and aging.

However, there are methods that can prevent it. To your skin after the holidays and a bronze tan remained as young and fresh as before, you should follow these tips, writes

Coconut oil

Apply to the skin immediately after sun lotion, or oil. Best of all — coconut. It secures the tan and nourishes the skin, which loses moisture during the tanning and it gets old.


The top layer of rough skin can be gently removed, while making the tan even and beautiful. Use this coffee scrub each time after sunbathing.


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After tanning

There are special tools. Them definitely contains oil. Nutrients and vitamin E. you can Buy in the cosmetics store, or pharmacy. It is better to consult the seller what is the remedy suitable to your skin type.

Thermal water

Quickly moisturize the skin by using thermal water. Take her to the beach and use every half hour, especially where you feel the most heat from the sun.


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Homemade broth

Tan is still a stress for the skin. Because calm, it can be a decoction of chamomile or mint, which will give it the softness, elasticity and deeply moisturize.