NABU Polyakov warned about criminal liability for refusing to wear a bracelet

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from “people’s front” Maxim Polyakov needs to execute a judgment and to wear an electronic bracelet. This was stated by the press service of the National antikorruptsionera Bureau (NAB) to Facebook.

“NABU respectful and sympathetic to the feelings of the persons in respect of whom the detectives Bureau carry out pre-trial investigation. The MP, as any citizen of Ukraine has the right to defend their honor and dignity in court, to Express disagreement with the actions of law enforcement agencies, to appeal judicial decisions in accordance with the law. However, an irreversible court decision must be made,” said the Bureau.

NABU recalled that the willful failure to comply with the court’s decision threatens criminal liability.

Also, the Bureau noted that all investigative actions in respect of the Polyakov was legitimate.

“Detectives NABOO repeatedly and in different ways informed the MP about the need to appear for the execution of court decisions and to wear an electronic bracelet,” – said in a statement.

Previously Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office appealed to court with the petition for seizure of all property Polyakov and Rosenblatt.

Boryslav Rozenblat and Maxim Polyakov – defendants in the so-called amber trade. The actions of Rosenblatt GPU sees signs of undue influence and bribery for a total sum of 280 thousand USD. the actions of the Polyakov – signs of undue influence and bribery in the amount of 7.5 thousand dollars. These deputies are suspected of receiving improper benefits for the introduction to Parliament of bills and other actions associated with the extraction of amber, in the interests of non-resident company.

Solomensky district court of Kiev appointed Polyakov Deposit in the amount of 304 thousand UAH, was ordered to wear an electronic bracelet and to surrender their passports. Immediately after the court decision Polyakova was summoned to the police in Cherkasy region, to wear an electronic bracelet. But the MP on the call did not come, did not contact. The lawyers claimed that the Poles were not going to implement the court’s decision in this part.

Later it became known that the protection of the Polyakov has filed an appeal against the court’s decision, according to which he must wear an electronic bracelet, and surrender all passports. The poles refused to wear an electronic bracelet, arguing that he never runs away and is involved in legal proceedings.


  • Poles and Rosenblatt did not come to the Prosecutor General to receive notifications about suspicions

At the same time, the MP Rosenblatt said that has not handed over the passport because of an error in judgment.

Note the performance on removal of inviolability from Rosenblatt, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed on July 11. For two days the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said he personally handed the suspect to the MP. July 18, the Solomensky district court of Kiev elected the Deputy of a measure of restraint in the form of pledge in the amount of 7 million UAH and laid upon him the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet, and surrender all passports. Later it became known that Rosenblatt made bail.

Earlier it was reported that the MP from the faction “people’s front” Maxim Polyakov until July 31, have to wear an electronic bracelet, as provided by the chosen court the measure of restraint, otherwise they introduced a Deposit charge in the state.