How to organize your working day to fit everything in

The working day is not rubber: no matter how we try to cram in all cases not altered. However, we can arrange it so that they could work without rush jobs and get a lot done, reports

Plan your work day when you feel approaching all hands on deck, and in advance. First make a General list requires execution of Affairs and individual, who write out those that do should not be delayed indefinitely. Add to it as new tasks that cannot be delayed. All plans for the year, month, week, day – match on paper.

According to experts time management, working with a live list increases productivity by 25 percent.

Work clean. Constantly make time to clean the Desk and cabinets. Used paper then return to the place: up to 30% of working time is lost in search of lost documents and belongings. Don’t stack your paper, hoping to read them later: everything that is not read within six months is garbage.

Learn to work quickly. Do the work that does not require a lot of time and preparation, as soon as she appears, she will not drag behind you light, but still disturbing tail. Making plans, don’t forget to take time for family, friends, guests. The formula for the equilibrium reads: “it is Important the amount of time at home and quality time at work”. At work, do not waste time in idle talks and useless things, because every working minute, lost in empty talk, reduces the time you could spend with your family.

Do not forget that only counts the job done. Beautiful words about a possible performance of the work do not matter. In the end, you only pay for the result.