Electoral conspiracies to undermine American democracy

What is the real story associated with foreign threat against the American elections?

Investigative staff of the online media giant Politico has provided authoritative proof that a Soviet-born citizen/citizen so intervened/intervened in a presidential election that had led to the resignation of the head of the election headquarters, and critically broke the ability of the party to function.

Alexandra Chalupa (Chalupa Alexandra), a former employee of the White house and party functionary, went directly to Valeriy Chalyi, Ambassador to Washington one of the former Soviet Republic, with the evidence of foreign interference, and then by its Embassy held meetings with American journalists to assist them influence.

About this story, in fact, became known six months ago, and then was uncovered attempts of the Ukrainian government to act against campaigns of Donald trump in favor of Hillary Clinton, and led this process “experienced party functionary Chalupa”, and as a result by Paul Manafort (Manafort Paul), the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump, was forced to resign in the midst of the election campaign.

Not passed this important story by your attention? We are talking about a single case where it includes a foreign government influenced the elections in 2016 — and this was in favor of Clinton, not of the tramp, who falls now all the fire of media criticism. The mainstream media mentioned it, but somehow very quiet.

Donald trump Jr. actually met with a woman who, as it was communicated in an electronic message, is the “lawyer of the Russian government,” which is also “part of the support of Russia and the Russian government” campaign, trump and who wants to present damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Response trump Jr. made his offer (“I love it”) was called conspiracy with a foreign power in the ensuing explosion in the media. It sounds serious? This theme, of course, within a few days appeared in the main headlines of the New York Times, Washington Post and television news, and even quite sensible representatives of the media completely lost their minds and began to shout, “Guilty!”

“Explaining the situation” to us unreasonable, Ruth Marcus (Ruth Marcus), the prudish of the Washington Post, said: “the presidential Candidate of the United States and his campaign staff should not have anything to do, no, and no exchanges with emissaries of a foreign state, peddling defamatory information against his opponents.” It is, in her words, “unacceptable behavior”. “Can no longer be any doubt” that appropriate now is a full investigation against the President himself.

Ms. Marcus believes that the behavior of the President of trump is “a slap in the face” with all its “deviation from the democratic and political standards” and its “attacks on Federal judges,” to “news organizations”, its “erroneous statements”, “limitless” nepotism and “waste” from transparency. However, its references to democracy boil down to the fact that trump not very nice to the media, he uses Twitter, and not blessed the press conference- just imagine the situation: 41 days, and no reports for the Washington Post newspaper!

Isn’t the President knows that journalists are “representatives of society”? However, she recognizes that the media can’t get trump to talk to them, but then begins to threaten and suggests that the media do not intend to “obediently” put up with it. Apparently, she is not familiar with the results of a survey conducted a few months ago, a private University Emerson College (Emerson College), according to which the media cause people to have less confidence than trump.

Columnist for the Washington Post Charles Krauthammer (Charles Krauthammer), the neoconservative comrade Marcus also believes that actions trump Jr. are convincing evidence of collusion with a foreign power. Unlike many of his compatriots, he demanded evidence and found them in the phrase “I like”, calling it a “fatal words”. It is not important whether there was anything significant during this meeting, or not, and the fact that trump Jr. and Manafort “found it possible to go to this meeting”. “The evidence is damning” and provided they are themselves trump Jr. “Nowhere to go” from the fact that it was a conspiracy.

Krauthammer acknowledged that the Americans for several years tried to influence elections in foreign countries — from CIA activities in 1940-1950-ies to President Obama, who tried to stop Netanyahu on his recent election and before the recent attempts of the United States to influence Russian elections. Marcus even attached directed against trump help Democrats Ukraine. They both believe that the conspiracy trump Jr. worse than others, with Russia (terminology Krauthammer), is a “hostile foreign power”.

But then he admits that there is no law that prohibits assistance to such foreign power. We are not at war. Thus, it was a conspiracy without a crime! A conspiracy — it’s just a collaboration with someone, and it is not illegal, unless there’s some hidden violations. No hidden violations was not there. Just conspiracies happen everywhere.

Yes, the Russians tried to influence the 2016 elections, their efforts were directed against Hillary Clinton and they are opponents. But what good does it bring? The electoral mechanisms is so decentralized that they cannot be penetrated. The organizers of the government’s leaks told us nearly everything about what was discovered, and evidence led by Russia propaganda does not exist, and in General it is doubtful that it could work. Did the media claim that the Russian propaganda could inflate? Mrs Clinton did enough to secure a lot of bad publicity, and so far it is less popular than the trump.

No American President did not occupy indefinitely a hostile attitude towards Russia or even the Soviet Union. In 1982, the cold war warrior Ronald Reagan addressing the British Parliament, indeed, said that the United States has a responsibility to support freedom and democracy in the world. However, he added, referring to Winston Churchill that the war against Marxism, including the “evil Empire”, is not inevitable, and promised that the contest “may be conducted on a peaceful and reciprocal basis”.


All those who are concerned about threats against American democracy should be more concerned about xenophobic simplifications, taking precedence over common sense, than such a fan of both trump Jr., trying to figure out what could be useful for his father. A professional probably would have acted more cautiously (trump Jr. himself introduced the so-called incriminating evidence, unlike Ms. Clinton), but he, the professional, would not refuse such investigation. To listen does not mean to participate in the conspiracy, and to our immediate report consisting of sieve house, which is the intelligence bureaucracy, more due diligence than treachery.

Alice in Wonderland was not the first to whom was applied the principle of “first the execution, then the sentence”. After allegations trump in an attempt to undermine the sanctity of our electoral process before the election, when the mainstream media came from the victory of Mrs. Clinton, they have now entered into a conspiracy with their political allies in order to undermine the legitimacy of the presidency of the trump. Such a conclusion is not paranoia about trump, but simply requires reading skills and hearing imaginary “news” disseminated by the mainstream media.

In February of this year two-thirds of the voters said that the media behaves more rigidly in relation to the Trump, than to his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The Executive trump is a threat to democracy — is a recurring theme of journalists. If the media weren’t so blinded by their strict control in the sphere of culture, if they were able to see all threats, not just those that affect their own power and influence, then they would have to take into account the fact that their relentless campaign to delegitimize trump is a much more serious threat to American democracy.

What are the likely outcomes against trump’s media campaign? As shown by the ongoing polls, the President of trump and the Republican Congress has the lowest ever rating among undecided voters. And polls, and history suggests that the Republicans in 2018, will likely lose control in the house of representatives and possibly even in the Senate.

Democrats for the past several months talking about the impeachment of Mr. trump. And surprise, if they are in the event of his victory, in fact, will be able to achieve this? And then this was followed by two years of trench warfare between wanting to get even alienated the left and the right both in Congress and in the nation as a whole.

In this case, the presidential election of 2020 will lead to attempts to delegitimize the winner, whoever they may be. The Republicans, if they lose, will not be comparable cultural authorities to undermine the legitimacy of the President, while irredentist-minded alienated right-wing, too, are not the best basis for democracy.

The left and the right must realize the danger. It is not just about a bunch of extreme nut jobs, but about political parties in General and also about ideology, state and local differences in the California and Texas do not speak today the same language.

The Constitution of the United States was adopted as a means of overcoming the strife, not provoking them. The decision of James Madison was aimed at the localization of hostility and the minimization of conflicts at the national level. That is the lesson of the founding of America, and President of the trump and his opponents would be wise if it listened.