As the American chief of tramp sewed Ukraine

The President of the United States Donald trump decided to celebrate the first half-year in the chair of head of most powerful nation in the world is not the original way. Initiating yet another scandal: unfamiliar wrongly accusing the American public of Ukraine meddling in the American presidential election.

Like most of what makes the forty-fifth President of the United States, for a new verbal release are personal motives and complexes. The way these charges trump chose traditional in the morning distribution of their messages on the social network Twitter. Donald wrote that Ukraine was trying to sabotage his campaign in 2016 in favor of a competitor from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, and appointed a few months ago the same trump U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions in a suspicious way is in no hurry to investigate this “case”.

“Ukrainian attempts to sabotage the campaign of trump quietly worked to promote Clinton. And where is the investigation of the attorney General?” said trump. For the next morning’s “presidential five-minute of hatred” were two main motives: to increase pressure on the discredited and Roman sessions and put on the wrong track and the American public, irritated real, and not imaginary Russia’s attempts to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential elections and what hurts the most for trump, allegations of members of the presidential family in connection with the spies of Putin.

Ukraine trump in this “American rancid mess” involved, most likely, only because we turned up under the arm. In the absence of real facts and evidence the White house with the filing of its host for several months trying to sew a “white thread” the case of the “intervention of Kiev in the American electoral campaign.” Most likely, the participants in one of the meetings in the presidential oval office in an attempt to find the answer to a wave of accusations of ties to the family and entourage of trump with the Russian agents remembered about last year’s revelations of the former head of a campaign headquarters of Republican Paul Manafort, got on the receipt of funds from the secret Fund of the Ukrainian Party of regions. The details of American “specialists” trump didn’t remember.

Yes, they are new US administration, which considers itself free to appeal to the facts, and was not needed. The temptation to use the case of resignation of the lover’s stolen money from the Ukrainian villains Manafort in the right way — to create the illusion equivalent to the Russian intervention of Ukraine in the American presidential elections has exceeded the arguments of common sense. Hundreds of employees of various government agencies, including the FBI, with salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars received command “fetch!” and proceeded to complete the task.

On Tuesday, trump reminded the attorney General about the importance of the assigned tasks. If reality does not coincide with a certain chief of the General line, it is necessary to change the reality. Who would have thought that the rule of totalitarian regimes, described by George Orwell will be a guide to action in the twenty-first century in yesterday’s world’s “beacon of democracy” — the America of Donald trump. Which was confirmed by press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders, savusa that “if there is any evidence of a conspiracy during the last presidential election in the United States, this is evidence of collusion between the Democratic party of the United States and the government of Ukraine”. In the minds of naive American voters, apparently, this needs to be pictures of Ukrainian conspiracy against the “white hope of America” by Donald trump. Something in the spirit of the spy film, in which the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in the bunker among the wild forests of the Carpathian discusses with his Cabinet a plan to destabilize the election campaign trump. A folder with confidential financial records of the Party of regions is transferred to the MP Serhiy Leshchenko that their accusations fueling the fire of the universe and sought the resignation of Manafort that almost knocks you off your rhythm going to win Donald. Bloody master of the Kremlin at this time flying on invisible to radar single-engine plane to a secret facility, where imprisoned toils of boredom and warm vodka kleptocracy of Viktor Yanukovych, and tries in vain to figure out the nature of the secret accounts of the Ukrainian “regionals”.

On it you would laugh, if it wasn’t so sad… stay For six months in the presidency yesterday’s showman trump managed turned politics into a kind of parody of Hollywood films in which the role of the President of the United States shone comedian Leslie Nielsen. But twenty years ago, seeing such a leader of America, we laughed… Trying to imagine his inauguration as the biggest political event in the history of America and the subsequent resentment against the “blinded” journalists, failed search of the rigged American elections, proposals for installation of solar panels on “the great American wall” that separates a prosperous nation from a poor neighbor of Mexico — all this trash. But it is and reality — as with the US withdrawal from the Paris environmental agreements, which will affect the life of the whole Planet. Of course, charges the aging selfish American kid N1 in the Ukraine is not baseless and contrary to facts and common sense. This, by the way, said the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, who stated authoritatively that the Ukrainian government did not help any of the candidates for the 2016 elections. But the ripples have gone, and inevitably there will be consequences.

Including unexpected trump and his cynical lawyers. By the way, these guys had a choice to present Ukrainian attempts to point out the immorality of Manafort as possible help the Republican party in the purification from the plague of corruption and family responsibility, which, as we have seen, struck and the American establishment. State machine States given the command to look for “evidence of Ukrainian interference in American elections.” And they, undoubtedly, will raise a wave and tell you about the secret world the impact of Ukraine and thus to increase the level of recognition of our country abroad. I wonder will they stop having these moral constraints cowboys before the falsification or the depth of degradation these people have no limit?

That is, degradation, as any sensible person understand the absurdity of the charges of three tortured by Putin’s Russia in Ukraine and the motives that are behind these attacks. It will be interesting to see how diseased, but still resisting democracy would resist attempts by trump to change the reality of American life. There is no doubt that in some of the seventeenth century such a selfish tyrant would become a tyrant like Henry VIII with six wives, two of whom he beheaded. When trump fought for the crown, he promised to “drain the Washington swamp.” Now we know why: to fill your own shit. And his trump and the presidential family a lot. On the world enough.