The al-Aqsa mosque — the issue around the world

Reaction to what is happening in Palestine shows that Israel will not be able so easily to deceive the world as before.

In different cities around the world certain groups, including Jews, hold a protest against the wrongful and illegal actions of Israel.

The purpose of the steps aimed at the establishment of control over entrance into the al-Aqsa mosque, may be policy “to frighten and to force them to accept the lesser of two evils.” The fact that Israel on 14 July for the first time in many years, prevented the Commission of the Friday prayers in al-Aqsa mosque and installed metal detectors at the entrance to the mosque can be understood as “trying to scare”. And considering what is said about the abolition of this measure after the response, the next step could be other actions inclined to the choice of the “lesser of two evils”.

The Islamic world has received wide criticism: he came to the defense of al-Aqsa mosque properly. Some Islamic countries with material and spiritual wealth, acting like this is no problem. The organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) also received his share of criticism. Fortunately, the Committee of permanent representatives of the OIC convened an extraordinary meeting in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to discuss the violations and atrocities of Israel against al-Aqsa mosque.

In his message at the beginning of this meeting the OIC Secretary General Yusuf al-Yimin (Yusuf el-Useymin) noted that the issue of Holy al-Aqsa mosque is a “red line”, the neglect and violation of which is unacceptable. Al-Yimin also reminded that any harm to the Holy mosque will have very serious consequences that will undermine the stability of the region. The message was that Israel attempts to take over al-Aqsa, and it was emphasized: “the Reality is that Israel is every day defy the resolutions of international legitimacy, ignores them” (Anadolu Ajansı, July 24, 2017).

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Palestine, taysir Jaradat (Teysir Ceredat) said: “at the entrance to al-Aqsa, the mosque continues to flow out of the blood of young and old Palestinians. There are dead. Several dozen were arrested. Our people has led and continues to lead the epic fight to protect their shrines against the illegal actions of the Israeli regime in relation to the Holy places and, above all, the al-Aqsa mosque”.

Permanent representative of Turkey to the OIC Salih Mutlu şen (Salih Mutlu Şen) during a speech at the same meeting, said:

“Historical status and sanctity of the Temple mount — the key to stability not only in the middle East but also far beyond its borders”.

The Palestinian people and the Islamic world are protesting against the installation of metal detectors at the entrance to the al-Aqsa mosque, because I have big plans for Israel and speak out against them. Even familiar with Israel, experts note that taking care of Israel — not the security of al-Aqsa mosque. The real goal is to solely have the right to vote and to dispose of this place at will.

At this stage Israel, as in other times, does not comply with international rules and standards. Previously, the status of al-Aqsa mosque was, after lengthy negotiations, assigned to the relevant documents. The current actions intended to postpone all the decisions and not to allow Palestinians to the mosque.

The al-Aqsa mosque is primarily a matter of the Islamic world, but at the same time and the whole world of mankind. The injustice that is happening there directly affects the region and the world.

The free world cannot and should not remain indifferent to this problem.