How to cool the room for sleeping in the heat: three effective ways

The summer heat does not normally sleep at night and harmful to health. Many believe that the best solution is air conditioning. But it is not, because rapid cooling at room temperature can lead to disease, according to “STB”.

We look at three ways to turn a summer dream in comfort.

Method # 1

Pour a little bowl of water. Take menthol or peppermint oil – put 7 drops in there. Menthol has a cooling effect. When we put these water containers around the apartment, get a nice flavor and coolness.

Method # 2

Put in the freezer the socks, which is Fig. The thing is that the rice holds the cold much longer than ice. It is sufficient to attach the sock to the foot at night – and you will feel cool. Of all the cereals is the rice as long as possible keeps cold.

Method # 3

You can wet a sheet and hang it so that the back blowing fan. Will feel like with a large surface you evenly spread the coolness.