“Ruthenia” is replaced by “new Russia”?

The leader of the thugs of the Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko officially announced the start of a new project “little Russia”. Now we are not talking about the separation of the bankrupt “Novorossiya” from Ukraine and its accession to Russia. Zakharchenko is going no more, no less than to create a new state instead of Ukraine, but within its boundaries, with the exception of the Crimea. Since the word “Ukraine” and “Ukrainian” for the Kremlin and the separatists hated, and Moscow and Donetsk propagandists prefer not to use, the new state was going to call Little Russia, as the state language in it — the little Russian.

This was announced at a meeting in Donetsk, where companies “the Ukraine” has met representatives of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” and 19 regions of Ukraine. What is that representatives of no one knows, and in eyes did not see them. There is no certainty that they in reality exist.

Capital of the new state going to do in Donetsk, and Kiev graciously agree to leave the role of “historical and cultural center”. “Little Russia” is thought of as a Federation, the regions will have a very wide autonomy. In General, we have to implement, at least in my dreams, a long-time project of Putin, Lavrov on the federalization of Ukraine with the transformation of the latter into the Russian puppet, followed by the annexation. No wonder the main purpose of “little” proclaims the accession to the Union state of Russia and Belarus. In General, the “Ruthenia” is the bridge, the construction of which is so fruitful dreamed of Gogol’s Manilov, to where the men traded a variety of goods. This, however, does not mean that Chimera called “little Russia” has no political significance.

The Kremlin immediately hastened mouth Peskov trying to distance itself from the newly minted project. Say, learned about it from media reports. But only very naive people can believe that this is true. Too well known that every step of the leaders of the Donetsk separatists is tightly controlled by Russian security services, and the naughty risk of becoming victims “unidentified and diversionary groups”. These high profile political projects can start only on command from Moscow. The leadership of the puppet “LC”, among other things, yet disown “the Ukraine”, the mouth of the Chairman of the “National Council” Vladimir Degtyarenko saying that Lugansk any of its representatives in Donetsk, were not referred and were not aware of the project. The purpose of this demonstration is understandable. Igor Carpenter and his team do not like that the leading role in the new project and associated funding given to the “Donetsk”. “Lugansk” demand their share of “little pie”.

The purpose of the proclamation of “the Ukraine” is also clear and down to blackmail Ukraine and world community in order to impose the Russian variant of implementation of the Minsk agreements. Kiev made it clear: if you don’t make concessions in the negotiations, we will actively support and promote “little project” to replace the current Ukrainian government is our puppet. Thus, Western society trying to convince us that the leaders of the gang “DNR” and “LNR” is not a Kremlin puppet, a serious and independent policy, which can come with its own initiatives, albeit extravagant. Finally, the implementation of “little” project aims to complicate the internal situation in Ukraine and strengthen separatist sentiment there.

Another thing is that the chances of success of this project. “Little Russian” identity in Ukraine is almost absent, even in the occupied territories. Pro-Russian forces in Donetsk and Luhansk, and in the rest of Ukraine, has in some regions, for example, in the Odessa region, they represent substantial value, though not in the same region and did not prevail. However, the people of Ukraine with similar sentiments dream about any sort of mythical “little”, and the accession of their regions directly to Russia. Therefore, the project “little Russia” initially appears to be stillborn. At least in Ukraine and in the West, this fact is well aware of this. Trying to blackmail someone “Little Russia” — a waste of time. You cannot scare what is not, and never will be. I think that “little” project is evidence of the impasse in which the Russian policy towards Ukraine. Funds to support the occupied part of Donbass in the Russian Treasury dry, and acceptable to Moscow, the resolution of the conflict is not visible. So Putin grabs all sorts of chimeras, like “the Ukraine” like a drowning man at a straw.

The Western powers naively demand that Moscow condemnation of the “little Russian” project, stating that it violates the letter and spirit of the Minsk agreements, and negotiations in the Normandy format. Judgment, of course, will not. Nor will public support. That, of course, not only does not exclude, but assumes the secret subsidies of the project Zakharchenko. It was the absence of public support for the initiative Zakharchenko and should be, according to the Kremlin’s plan, the subject of backroom bargaining with the West. Putin would like the leaders of France and Germany pressed to the President of Ukraine and forced him to accept the Russian conditions of conflict settlement in the Donbass, with the de facto recognition of Russian control over the occupied territories.

Otherwise, they say, a “little Russia” Ukraine without Ukrainians. Like, the latter the realization of such a scenario will flee in droves in Europe. The European Union will get a new multi-million flow of refugees, comparable to the current middle East. This prospect, in all likelihood, Moscow hopes to intimidate and Berlin, and Paris, and Kiev and Washington to make everyone more compliant. Only here before us is too obvious a bluff. Political scientists have drawn attention to a purely literary basis of “little” project. Well, not for nothing that the writer Zakhar Prilepin, incidentally, a distant svojstvenny Vladislav Surkov, an adviser to Zakharchenko. Maybe even a fantasy novel “little Russia” will write about a happy life in a new country, which Ukrainernfrei. The only reality of all this will not have any relationship.