How to simplify the process of washing and Ironing: the TOP 5 lifehacks for Housewives

Washing and Ironing can take a lot of time and effort. This process was less painful, it is important to know some tricks.

TOP 5 lifehacks for Housewives from Lisa.

1.Use wipes for washing

Their action is the same as the washing powder. The napkin is put in a drum, and substances with which it is impregnated, washes stains and dirt. There are tissues through which whites can be washed together with color: nothing will be painted.

2. How to iron pants without iron?

Hang pants on a hanger. Take a comb with frequent teeth and moisten it under running water. Hold your pants with your fingers where the arrow is, and repeatedly slide the comb up and down the leg.

3. Wash with essential oils

So the clothes had a nice flavor, before the last rinse add the water, 2 drops of rose oil, 4 drops lavender and 5 lemon. Or make sachets for the linen with her hands.

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4. Drying in a tumble dryer

15 minutes before switching on the dryer you could put in a Terry towel – it will absorb moisture which might remain in the drum. And if you put linens or clothes in the dryer and throw in a few ice cubes, Ironing after that things do not have: they smoothed themselves.

5. Use natural remedies

When washing natural fabrics add a little citric acid. From this, the white will become whiter, the colored brighter, and the heating elements are not so quickly covered with scum.

The lemon will also help to get rid of perspiration stains before you wash the item, process the lemon juice contaminated sites.

To bring the smell, soak the clothes overnight in a solution of ordinary baking soda.

Add soda in water rinse will help to soften the fabric.