Putin’s nuclear submarine on the way to Western Sweden

As expected, the largest nuclear submarine in the world this week for the first time near the Western coast of Sweden. And it is possible that the Board will soon have nuclear weapons.

The pride of the Russian Navy, Vladimir Putin is sent from the Kola Peninsula to the parade in St. Petersburg.

“They are sending us a powerful message,” says the Chairman of the Commission of the Riksdag for defence Allan widman (Allan Widman, the Liberal party).

172-metre-long submarine goes to the Baltic sea and Sweden. After a few days she passes Denmark, according to the calculations of the Danish TV2. As reported by GT source familiar with the situation in the field of security in the Baltic sea, the submarine will probably be held in Western Sweden on Wednesday.

The ship set sail from Severodvinsk in the White sea. It left Kola Peninsula on Monday and is moving along the Norwegian coast. Later it passes Sweden and the Skagerrak will be held, then the Great belt, the bridge over the Strait and Denmark, and then take a course on the destination — Saint-Petersburg, according to Ekstrabladet. In St. Petersburg submarine will take part in the parade of Russian Navy on July 29, according to The Barents Observer.

The Chairman of the Commission for defence Allan widman well aware of the impending arrival of the submarine.

Submarine with a length of 172 m

“The submarine, and it’s expected visit. It was reported some time ago. The official occasion — the anniversary of the Russian Navy, says widman and continues. — But you have to understand that this event is a part of the increasing military presence of Russia in the Baltic, which is already quite long. A kind of climax it will reach this summer, primarily in the form of major exercises in Russia”.

According to Widmann, the passage of this submarine is Russia’s symbolic value. There are only a couple of months before the start of the military exercises “Aurora 17” in Sweden, which will be held in September.

“Dmitry Donskoy” (TK-208) is a Russian submarine of the so-called project “Akula” (Typhoon by NATO). It was designed in the 1970s for the Soviet Navy. The initial armament consisted of 20 ballistic missiles. Today the submarine is used as the test area. It is driven by two nuclear reactors and weapons can include up to 200 nuclear warheads.

Expressen: This submarine can be equipped with nuclear weapons, and it will be close to Sweden. To consider this a problem?

Allan widman:
In my estimation, close our country has nuclear weapons, and for a long time. I have no conviction that this case is exceptional in the noise. Rather, it is the desire to throw dust in the eyes”.

— There are nuclear weapons?


— Nuclear rhetoric, Russia is different from the rhetoric of other nuclear powers. We hinted that they could use nuclear weapons against other States. However, this should not be considered proof that the submarine will deliver nuclear weapons to the Baltic sea. Without a doubt, it is well armed, but I will not undertake to say that it has nuclear weapons.

Military laconic

The Ministry of defence does not wish to tell, are there any measures in connection with the passage of a submarine off Sweden.

“I can only say that the Ministry of defence under control and we monitor any activity in our region. As the West coast and in the Baltic sea”, — said the press Secretary of the Ministry Jesper Fun (Jesper Tengroth).

He refused to comment on whether a possible nuclear arms submarines pose a problem.

“All States have the right to move and conduct exercises in international waters. But it is important that all groups respect each other and adhere to existing rules and practices”.

“Poor Russian technologies”

In April, The Barents Observer wrote about the upcoming passage of the submarines, stating that the Russian Navy was waiting for personal approval of President Vladimir Putin to send a submarine in a way.

Lars, Wildering (Lars Wilderäng), the author of several books on the topic of defence and security policy, also writes a blog on security issues. According to him, the purpose of the passage of a submarine in Russia through the Baltic sea to demonstrate the power and flaunt the country’s nuclear weapons.

“They want to claim that they have nuclear weapons, and Russia is ready to apply it to resolve the conflict, if someone wants to protest against its power politics. That is their signal. It is not a coincidence. They need to show that they have nuclear weapons.”

Against this background, what we are talking about a nuclear submarine, is in itself a big problem, said Wildering.

“Nuclear reactors built according to the old miserable Russian technology threaten the environment. A certain percentage of Russian submarines wrecked. The risk of this outcome does not equal zero.”