Thank you Russia, thank you Bolivia

For the eighth time Russia blocks its “veto” a draft resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria endorsed by the us, Western Europe and the Gulf countries wishing to limit the sovereignty of Syria, to exploit its territory to deprive the legitimate authority of its powers and independence. These countries accused the Syrian army in attacks using chemical weapons. The latest “drama” played out in the South of Idlib, it was called “chemical” Han Sheyhun. She followed immediately after an unsuccessful attack the so-called “al-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in the East of Damascus and in Hama province. Of the country, forming hostile to Damascus axis, such as the UK, France, as well as the regional players — Turkey, the Arab oil kingdoms of the Gulf and the Zionist state — they all seek to divide and to split Syria on religious and ethnic lines by implementing a new model of Sykes-Picot in the scale of the entire region. To do this against the Assad regime is a political and information war in an unprecedented attempt to falsify facts and create a world and Arab opinion about the validity of military plans of these States, used blackmail, is a violation of state sovereignty of Syria. So was the case in Iraq, which was accused of developing weapons of mass destruction, was attacked and was occupied, while later it turned out that it was all just a pretext in order to destroy this state, destroy its prosperity, to Rob, to kill his people to expand the army and to divide the country geographically.

The same excuses and the funds used to occupy Syrian territory, destroy its army and enterprises, by partition of the country along geographical and religious-ethnic principle, to change the power or make it unable to muster the political will to make independent decisions. Being bound by allied obligations with Israel, the countries of the West in their aggression against Syria, besides the fact that I want to change the regime, primarily to protect the security of the Zionist state-occupier. Under this pretext, the previous US President Obama wanted to attack Syria, but then had been reassessed, and the White House were forced to abandon these plans. This might not appeal to supporters of direct military intervention in Syria, which they seek to plunge into a state of constant struggle and resistance to colonial countries of the West, Turkey, Israel and the oil States of the Gulf.

After returning to Aleppo by the Syrian army, direct military intervention of Russia and other forces supporting the regime in Syria, the plan began to crumble, turning all the wasted billions of dollars in the wind. Those who longed for the implementation of the plan in Syria, and especially that part of it which concerned geographical division and further exploitation of oil and gas fields were in the losing position.

In order to extend the life of these projects it was necessary to arrange a new “drama”, which in its scope would have exceeded the performances in Aleppo and other cities. But the head of the Syrian diplomacy, Bashar Jaafari in his numerous references to the international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons warned that the terrorist group have them and no doubt will use it to attack the Syrian people and army, but his calls and concerns are not heeded.

The story of chemical attack in Khan Sheyhun fabricated and is merely a pretext for attacks on Syria. The President of the United States, a cruel man who understands only the language of commercial transactions, to the bone concerned only with profits of the monopolies, which in turn are guided only by greed and greed — they were the creators of missile attack “Tomahawks” under the pretext that chemical weapons were used, Before it will be held an international investigation and find out who actually used this weapon before will be an international assessment of this fact, which would have shown which Western countries used to engage in fraud and blackmail, most of all sought to benefit from this story. They assumed that psychological warfare will have even greater influence on the situation than military action, but their actions on this front have met with stiff resistance and was never implemented.

Joint Anglo-American-French resolution, which tried to carry out in the Security Council, carries a very dangerous situation, and if they are implemented, Syria is destined to the same fate as Iraq. In it, in particular, says:

the Syrian government is cooperating with the international Commission for the investigation and enabling to carry out investigative actions with the Syrian officers.

The Commission has the right to conduct investigations on Syrian military airfields and bases, giving military secrets about are there weapons.

The script that was used in Iraq, adapted to the reality of the Syrian…

Therefore, Russia has used its veto power and blocked this dangerous resolution, and not because Syria and Russia refuse to investigate incidents of chemical weapons, as they wrote in Arab and Western media, which translate news reports from Israeli sources, wresting the words and expressions out of context, thus trying to deceive the reader.

We say that the position of Russia remains unchanged, and it continues to protect Syria from repeating the fate of Iraq, guided by the interests of its security. After all, most of the terrorist groups operating in Syria came from the Asian republics on the border of Russia, their return to their countries is a threat to the security and stability of Russia.


Similarly Bolivia, poor little country that has its own independent opinion, made unsubstantiated accusations against Syria, thereby saying “no” to the projects of the Americans, the French and the British, at that time, some Arab countries such as Egypt, which made a bid for control of the nation in accordance with its interests, supported this illegal resolution. This is despite the fact that the Egyptians, of course, understand that the roots of the terrorist attacks they suffer are the Americans and Israelis.

We say thank you Russia… thank you Bolivia… thanks to China… thanks to everyone who is opposed to the blackmail of America and its attacks on the sovereignty of independent States under false pretenses for the sake of their interests and positions of the Israeli occupier.