The week’s events: the version of the readers — tramp cooing with Putin, Ryanair blackmailing Ukraine and the EU have refused to euromedtech

This week our readers are interested in what it said Putin, trump, watched as the low-cost airline Ryanair is blackmailing Ukraine and followed the failure of the summit Ukraine-EU. However, they are deprived of your attention, the beginning of another campaign of Ukraine into NATO.

The beginning of the week, in the discussion of the results of the meeting on the sidelines of the summit of “Big twenty” US President Donald trump with the survivors of the four American presidents of the Russian “Tsar” Vladimir Putin. Discussed and how the trump shook hands with Putin, and how much time they spent at a private meeting behind closed doors, and what compliments weighed each other.

In General, before the meeting, in Ukraine, as in other normal countries, noticeably tense as eccentric, inexperienced in international Affairs and noted in making intuitive decisions trump after meeting with more experienced Putin, it was possible to expect anything. However, these negotiations were so, what had to be the first acquaintance. That is to say, “reconnaissance”, the results of which the parties have limited the stories that the meeting was “stunning” and “we got along great”.

Assuming the information which became known after the talks of any significant decisions or agreements on the division of “spheres of influence” was not. Trump is expected to ask Putin, whether Russia intervened in the US presidential election, Putin is expected otbrehivalsya that it here at anything. Sanctions against Russia won’t be lifted until the issue will be resolved on Syria and Ukraine, and if Russia will behave badly — on the approach of another pack. Cybersecurity is also no cooperation will not. The only thing agreed on is the ceasefire in Syria. And on the left.

Due to the lack of any tangible agreements between Putin and trump, our readers are carefully followed and that, as one of the largest European low-cost airlines — Ryanair — twisting Ukraine’s arms rigidly blackmailing in the characteristic Irish manner. The Ukrainians have already gathered was to fly to Europe “almost free” at first, burst into a storm of indignation — give, say, Ryanair whatever. But later, few understand the problem, has ceased to accuse the government of zrade, realizing that, quite possibly, the carrier is really brazen with their demands. Later, in confirmation of the correctness of this position, it was reported that the Irish again resume the negotiations with Ukraine. So the hope is that in the foreseeable future with cheap tickets we’ll be fine, no fading.

But our European prospects melt away like ice in the sun. The fact that this week in Kyiv hosted the summit Ukraine-EU, which can be called a failure, whoever tried to claim the opposite. For a start the help — at the end of each summit, the parties agree upon the text of the final joint statement or Declaration, which briefly outlines the markers and prospects for further work. The rejection of the joint statement or publication of the final Declaration is extremely rare, so it is understandable, because it is evidence that the parties met and talked, however, the agreement failed.

In the history of relations Ukraine-EU this has happened only twice. And one of them — is 2017. The stumbling block was the desire of the Ukrainian side to make the Declaration a paragraph on the recognition of the EU the European aspirations of Ukraine. Think about it — the discussion was not even about the prospects of EU membership, but just about the fact of recognition of our aspirations in this direction.

I took this story from the time when the Netherlands, after a referendum, blocked the ratification of the Association Agreement. In order to still push through the ratification by the Dutch Parliament, the EU summit has adopted an interesting document, which highlighted that the Association Agreement does not give the status of candidate for EU membership and does not include obligations in relation to Ukraine on assignment of such status in the future.

Even then, many diplomats and experts is mercilessly criticized the decision, noting that in the future it is extremely detrimental to our European aspirations. However, while our government is paid little attention — very much wanted to quickly close the issue with the Association Agreement. And now this error diplomats and negotiators surfaced in unexpected light. As it became known, the Netherlands, based on this document, the results of this summit, categorically opposed the inclusion in the text of the joint statement of the paragraph on the recognition by the EU of Ukraine’s European aspirations.

Indirectly they were supported by Germany and France. Since none of the parties made concessions to each other (and I support the perseverance of our government), from the joint statement decided to give up. Which is of course very disappointing, since it proves that the EU’s reluctance to allow us even to the threshold, and, on the other hand, is not fatal. I hope there will come a time when they’ll call us and we’ll talk then.

As far as readers were following news about the fight for at least the recognition of our desires ever to appear in the European family, just as they ignored the new round of our protracted campaign to NATO. Jul 10, Petro Poroshenko, at a joint with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg press conference said that Kiev and NATO began discussions on the introduction of the action Plan for NATO membership (map) for Ukraine, in which we were previously denied.

At a press conference Poroshenko said that he signed a law that clearly defines one of the goals of Ukraine’s future NATO membership, it was seconded and the speaker of BP Parubiy, who reminded the distinguished guest, who arrived in the Ukrainian Parliament that it is our strategic goal. Stoltenberg had no choice, as politely and diplomatically nod and shy away from any direct statements, limiting stories about what the Alliance’s open door policy of the organization remains unchanged, Ukraine will be able to get closer to NATO when will reform and will meet the standards of the organization.

Because this talk does not oblige the parties have a good long talk thoroughly about her, about sore, and parted with a sense of accomplishment. The mood of the Ukrainian authorities a little can overshadow the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, who called Poroshenko announced the possible dates for achievement by Ukraine of the criteria for NATO by 2020 is overly optimistic. According to him, Kiev will be able to apply to join NATO earlier than in 10, maybe more years, because the European allies “are afraid to provoke Moscow”.

Also, the Ukraine should not have territorial disputes to join NATO. And, therefore, interference can be a Russian-occupied Crimea and Donbas, which is still the war continues with Russian forces. But since he is a former Ambassador, and he commented on these allegations the American edition, you can pretend that they never existed.

(Published in abridged).