How to choose the right boiler and what you need to know before to refuse from the hot water

In Odessa, as stated by the local authorities expect in the next few years to completely abandon the hot water, as beneficiary to set the boilers in each apartment. In the summer, as they say sellers of water heaters, is the peak of sales. The website “Today,” found it profitable to install water heaters and what you need to know before you make a decision on refusal from hot water.

How to choose a boiler

According to experts, it is most advantageous to install electric boilers – no need to obtain special permission for connection to the gas network. In addition, with the rise in price of gas water heaters to install and more profitable from an economic point of view. The cost of the boiler ranges from two to more than ten thousand hryvnias. They differ in shape, volume, capacity, type of heater (heating element).

The cost of the boiler depends on:

  • Volume
  • Power
  • Type of heater

For a family of two people is enough boiler capacity of 80 litres, three – up to 100 litres, and a big family, suggest in one of the shops selling boilers online, you should think about buying a boiler capacity of over 100 litres. However, not every bathroom will fit such a heater. Before purchasing a boiler it is necessary to measure the free space on the wall (it could be a toilet or bathroom).

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The capacity of the boiler also depends on its volume, the lower the capacity and higher the volume the longer it takes to heat the water. Boiler medium size, will fit a capacity of 1.5-2 kW. If you take more, you will have to call the master and to investigate the condition of the electrical wiring. In homes of different types and years of construction wiring is usually laid in the rate of up to 5.5 kW of power consumption. In apartments with electric stoves – 7-9 KW per apartment. Due to wear of the transaction, this figure can be reduced by 20-30%. Therefore, a boiler capacity of more than 3 kW can be back-breaking load on the wiring.
For example, an apartment was allocated to 7 KW of power.

Taking into account depreciation posting can carry the actual load of up to 4.9 KW. In the apartment hanging three chandeliers, three light bulbs, each 60 watts – total 0.5 KW. Still have the refrigerator at 1 KW, plus the boiler of 3 KW. And if to include simultaneously with these appliances and even a vacuum cleaner or washing machine 1.5 KW – wiring can not withstand, start to heat up and catch fire.

There are two types of boilers according to type of the heater “dry” and “wet”. In the first heating elements directly heat the water, and the second wall of the boiler, which heats water. The “dry” boilers last longer the contact with water leads to corrosion and damage. The “wet” water heaters can be two times cheaper. For example, at the moment, one of the most popular online stores “dry” boiler 80 liters sold for 4,000 hryvnia, the same boiler 150 liters over nine thousand. At the same time, the “wet” boiler 80 liters costs only 2000 USD, and 150 liters – six thousand hryvnia.

To pay off whether the boiler?

The boiler capacity of 80 liters, enough for a family of three. A water heater with a capacity of 2.5 kW can be bought for five thousand hryvnia. For example, to heat water from 18 to 70 degrees, you will need 1.93 hour of 3.47 kW*h of electricity. Accordingly, in order to heat a cubic meter of water, need of 43.3 kWh. According to the current rate is 39 UAH + separately will have to pay for the used cold water. For example, let’s calculate how much time it can pay off the boiler in one of the cities of Ukraine.

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So, a cubic meter of hot water in Zaporozhye is 72,3 hryvnia. The average family of three uses five cubic meters of hot water per month. Without boiler for this amount will have to pay 361,5, the hryvnia, and with the boiler – 345,9 hryvnia (UAH per 285,7 electricity + 60,2 hryvnia for cold water). Savings in one month – a total of 15.6 hryvnia. In this situation, the boiler will pay off for decades. However, if you install dual counter (from 23 to 7 hours believes the rate is two times lower than current) to heat the water to 70 and, for example, to 60 degrees, the boiler can be recouped over three to four years.

By the way, as told “Today” in one of the shops, peak sales of boilers occurs in the summer, when suppliers across the country EN masse, shut off the hot water for the hydraulic operations. Often set the water heater is not for economy, but for their own comfort.

An expert in the field of energy efficiency Andrew Iron sure that independently heat water using electricity – not the most efficient way. “Individual hot water will have the opposite effect. Boiler gas is used for heating water. Power is a secondary resource, the primary (from where we get electricity) – coal, gas, or nuclear energy. Efficiency in primary energy consumption is higher”, – says the expert.

How to pay for electricity is 1.5 times less, and whether to install a dual meter that can be read here.