The prospects of Putin’s Russia are monstrous

Citing a source in the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported that Russia may mirror to answer the United States ‘ decision to expel 35 the Russian diplomats and the arrest of two Russian “country systems” in new York and Maryland. The decision was made by the previous President of the USA Barack Obama just a few days before the expiration of his term. It was motivated, in this case it does not matter. More importantly, the permanent President of Russia Vladimir Putin, contrary to tradition, decided to refrain from balanced response: none of the Americans never sent and their is no property in Russia was not arrested. For which he commended the elected President of the United States Donald trump publicly called him “smart”.

Not show the Russian leader such commendable restraint and to respond to the “insult” inflicted by the outgoing Obama, he would have already Trump on “friendship” which were pinned great hopes. A special mind to understand this simple “flourish”, Putin, presumably, was not required. Especially given the fact that, as it turned out, to refrain from mirrored response, he asked people from the inner circle of the elected President of the United States.

This, however, just a saying. The tale is that yet to come, that six months after the inauguration of the trump of the Russian side, as if to imply that she is ready to accountable for the “sins” of its predecessor. This move by Putin is unlikely to be received flattering reviews on Twitter trump. And as you are aware, an informal Supreme court of the current US administration. Until recently, hope in spite of everything like to negotiate personally with trump — was almost the last resource of foreign policy of Putin. The intention to risk that resource decisions for the sake of quite marginal private matter six months ago better than any of the declarations indicates that two-hour conversation of presidents of Russia and USA in Hamburg ended in vain.

Large often seen in the small. So here: a bet on a “friendship” with the new U.S. President, it seems, a bit. What to do next, is unclear: an international perspective, Putin’s Russia is immense: where throw — everywhere a dead end, out of which no serious change in foreign policy, and, more precisely, without a strategic retreat from the positions captured by the price of the violation of all conceivable international law and human morality, impossible.

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George kunadze staff of the Institute of world economy and international relations Russian Academy of Sciences, former Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia.