Career in defense: how profitable

Military duty returned, and now excellent conditions in order to make a career in the armed forces. What to do — and how well it will pay off?

Salaries in the armed forces — not the highest in the country. But as an officer you can enter the labor market with a significant head start before my friends, who have chosen another academic career.

While others to get an education, are forced to borrow large sums of money through a Central education Commission, who decided to become an officer, instead he gets the money, not to mention free housing and food.

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After three years, the doctor-occupational therapist, it specialist or a journalist will get a debt in the hundreds of thousands of crowns. Otuchivshis same officer any debts not burdened.

Now is a good situation

In the summer of 2018 will start the first basic military education with military service. To become a soldier or a sailor can be for a period of four to eleven months, but for someone who wants to advance your career in the military sphere, there is an officer’s education.

Training is for three years and is complemented by the 11-month basic education to the rank of major.

The situation now can be quite profitable — expected mass exit of military retirement.

“Many are now approaching retirement age, so we need to fill the void. You need to simply educate more people,” says Marcus Westdahl (Marcus Westdahl), a specialist in public relations of the Swedish armed forces.

Put more

At the same time, now on the defensive to invest more than ever in a long time. According to the decision of defence, the funds allocated to the armed forces increased from 2016 to 2020 10.2 billion kroons, but now in 2017 allocated another 500 million crowns additionally.

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A party of the Parliament propose to further increase the cost. “The armed forces received the task to increase its efficiency and military power throughout the country, and therefore need to recruit and train more people. Right now, for example, is the recruitment of personnel to man combat team on Gotland,” says Marcus Westdahl.

How to earn military

Basic education:

Tax-free reimbursement of expenses — 4 500 CZK per month (31 500 rubles — approx. TRANS.).

Award for completed education — CZK 4 500 (31 500 rubles) per month (paid in a lump sum after the end of education).

Free food and housing.

Free medical care, including emergency dental care.

Free the road home every other weekend.


Starting salary — 18 000 CZK (126 000) per month. For service abroad and processing is the overhead.

“During the day of the exercise, when you returned home in the evening, you receive payment from 800 to 1 400 CZK (from 5 600 to 9 800 rubles) a day. Some compounds we train a lot, them soldiers get in a month much more,” says Marcus Westdahl.

The soldier is a maximum of eight years, sometimes this period can be extended for another four years. Anyone who wants to continue to serve and further, must be promoted to officer or an officer specialist.

Officer education:

140 CZK (980 rubles) per day, or about 4 200 CZK (29 400 rubles) per month.

Free food and housing.

Free the road home every off-duty weekend.


All wages approximate wages can be assigned individually.

Ensign — 21 500 CZK (150 000) per month (the starting salary). Educated officer is usually assigned the rank of ensign, and he may, for example, to serve as the commander of a platoon (30-40 people).

Lieutenant — 25 000 CZK (175 000) per month. The warrant officer who served two years, usually automatically produced in the lieutenants.

Captain — 30 000 CZK (210 000) per month. New officer education directed to you without any additional courses to produce lieutenants for promotion to captain.

Major — 35 000 CZK (245 000 rubles) per month.

To become a major, required public education at the Higher school of defense. This academic education is for one year.

Colonel — 40 000 CZK (280 000) per month.

Colonel — 45 000 CZK (315 000) per month.

General 50 000 CZK (350 000) per month and above.

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To become a Colonel or a General, there are no additional requirements for education, these ranks are given to deserving applicants. Generals are appointed as a result of political decisions. Additional education, foreign service and the like can certainly be considered an asset.


21 000 SEK (147 000) per month (the starting salary). Compared to the officers ‘ education programme, this additional education is shorter and is more practical, it is designed for a year and a half. Finish my studies officer-specialist gets the title of first Sergeant and then promoted to Sergeant or petty officer.

Service abroad

In General, the salary is calculated as follows: starting salary x 1.3 + 8 000 CZK (56 000).

Allowance for the abroad — 3 000 CZK (21 000) per month (+ additional 4 000 (28 000) per month for those who have children under the age of 18).

Allowance for participating in active army depends on the country: for Mali, for example, is 11 200 CZK (78 400 rubles).

Allowance — 65 CZK (455 rubles) per day, approximately 1 950 CZK (13 650 rubles) per month.