Who does not die from chemical weapons, killed by another

The question of the use of chemical weapons again came to the fore on the background of statements by Washington that Assad is preparing a new attack on the Syrians. The US administration made threats to the President of Syria, warning that this time his move would have serious consequences. In other words, the American leadership will not tolerate new victims among the Syrian people during a chemical attack, while the fact that every day many people are becoming victims of all other types of weapons, apparently, don’t care about any of the major powers.

In fact, those who learned about American statements in the first place decided that the US just waiting for new victims among the Syrians to strike another blow to the Syrian regime, as happened with the air force “Sirat”. Explain other statements that America needs is another series of blows to finally achieve political dividends, that failed to in the past. To do this, the allies of Bashar al-Assad needs to push him to that he held a new chemical attack. Then the United States will be able to benefit from the situation that would satisfy an experienced businessman trump and promoted American prestige inside and outside of America.

If we assume that you have an understanding of how to conclude such a deal, it would be followed by angry statements from the allies of the regime. Usually Russia and Iran can skillfully maneuver in the face of threat from the United States to neutralize her. In particular, Russia said that it will shoot down any coalition aircraft in the case, if their goals are positions of the Syrian regime, referring to the American attack on the air base, “Sirat” on 7 April.

You might think that the previous rocket attack caused damage to Russia, given the absence of any reaction to the administration’s decision to trump. In fact, it has benefited all parties to the conflict, allowing to build mechanisms to control the armed groups in Syria to avoid direct confrontation.

After Iran launched several missiles on the village of Deir al-Zor, which did not hit the target, it became obvious that he would have to increase the number of mercenaries to send in Syria and bring them thus to sacrifice the interests of the doctrine of “velayat-e-faqih” (the official doctrine of the Iranian regime — approx. ed.).

Thus, the US needs to push the two axis face-to-face, and exchanging threats, causing panic among the Syrians, which already is obsessed with the idea that they will be the chemical attack. At the same time, it is clear that the Syrians are dying regardless of the reason for this is a chemical strike or something.

However, there are those who wonder whether the main culprit of our time, Bashar al-Assad in false threats, after all the crimes on his part that there is no excuse?

In fact, the current us threats to send us back to the days of the Obama administration and Secretary of state John Kerry, when they talked about “red lines” against President Bashar al-Assad, which they eventually refused, concluding in 2013, the deal with Russia to eliminate chemical weapons.

It would seem, in accordance with the terms of the deal, the Syrian regime had to get rid of chemical weapons, however, three years later, he again used it in Khan Sheyhun. Whether it would be appropriate to note here that Assad laughed in the face of the world’s largest powers, who are the authors of this transaction, or the latter had deliberately left in his possession of chemical weapons to continue to kill people?

Remains without explaining the hypocrisy of the United States, when they adopted the Security Council resolution 2118, the fourth paragraph which provides for the prevention of the use of chemical weapons by Assad and preventing its production, and therefore will be treated in accordance with the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter and other resolutions of the Security Council.

The decision to ignore or forget this clear paragraph until it changes only warnings, reflects the weakness of the United States and gives all the more reason the people of the Arab countries despise the state, which assumed the mission of maintaining international peace and security.

Of course, there are those who take the American statements seriously and believes that Washington really intends to get rid of Assad, against the background of what is happening in the North, East and South of Syria between all the warring parties. Perhaps bet on a direct confrontation between the US, Russia and Iran, because nobody can deny the opportunity of development. At the same time, it is hard to believe that four countries were in a conspiracy against the Syrian people for seven consecutive years, and between them, there was no direct confrontation, which could escalate into an open war, leaving all parties among the losers.

A proxy war in which parties use and arming in their interests and guide them against each other, it is extremely beneficial to the West, and therefore it will not change its policy. While Bashar al-Assad visited the Russian military base in Hamima, any talk of new threats from the United States is laughable, and nothing more.