Message to Putin in Crimea has changed

Every time the Russian leader is coming to the Peninsula to give a signal: “Krymnash — humble”. But this time the message changed. This time Putin visited the children’s camp “Artek” in order to open a new season named Samantha Smith, American schoolgirl, resting in “Artek” in 1983. What does the American school girl, you ask. Very being, writes Larissa Voloshin.

Samantha Smith was promoted by Soviet propaganda as a child, tried to stop the war. In the early 80’s, when the Soviet government by leaps and bounds was moving towards collapse, the world was only interested in one question: “will the elders of the Kremlin before the fall of the evil Empire click on the red button?” Then, the Soviet Union was also under sanctions, had also increased its military power. The coming to power of the KGB Andropov was considered by Western analysts as a threat. Then there was an American girl Samantha Smith with his naive letter to the Soviet leader.

According to the official, ten-year-old schoolgirl from Maine wrote, “Mr. Andropov” and asked him to clarify: “You are about to vote for the war or not? If You are against the war, please tell me, how are You going to help prevent war?” Andropov replied personally, saying that the Soviet Union has consistently fought for peace, more recently, America and the Soviet Union fought together against fascism, and invited a small American to have a rest in “Artek” to ensure that the residents of the Country of councils — the most beautiful and mirolubova people on Earth. In the summer of 1983, Samantha arrived in the USSR. Later she published her book where she wrote: “They are the same as we are.” And in 1985, when Samantha returned from the UK with another TV show about the “good Russians”, her private plane crashed. Samantha Smith died. Many saw in her dead hand of the KGB. Like, used the girl and her family for propaganda purposes, and then in one fell swoop removed the witness and created a wholly sacred sacrifice. Samantha Smith needed the Soviet Union to coerce the Western people for mass protests like anti-war demonstrations since the Vietnam war.

Is it a coincidence the girl who became a symbol of the information campaign to humanize the Soviet Union, was chosen to be the symbol of “Artek” this year? Of course not. Putin sends signals using old cannibalistic traditions of the children in order to give the evil Empire a human side. Carefully selected Russian political technologists recognizable symbols must point to a keen desire to run “pererastala” Russian-American relations and to end the “cold war”.

Notable sparring with Putin, Aksyonov, took place during a visit by Putin “Artek”. Initially, Feldman had become a kind of Putin-Lite. His main task was to fight for the ideals of the “Russian spring” and soak in the toilet all those who disagree with “return to home port”. In the end sorts it all worked out. Crimea has become a cesspool, and allocated from the Russian budget funds were safely down the toilet.

Last September, when Putin and Medvedev inspected the staircase of Mithridates in Kerch, collapsed during the show, Putin asked Aksenov allow the historic landmark in order. And now, after ten months in Artek in front of TV cameras, the Russian leader asked the Crimean leader: “And what about the staircase was restored?” Feldman said that while going to the project documentation. In this, Putin puzzled said: “last year, made the decision, and the whole year is developed by project-budget documentation”. Here is a quote from the Russian media: “Children in unison turned their heads to the side of Aksenov. It seemed that the rain ceased about to break out the storm.”

Don’t you think that the fate of Aksyonov Goblin already solved? It minimized the failure of Putin’s promise to turn the occupied Crimea in the “showcase of the Russian world”. The first sacred sacrifice has emerged. Feldman — an odious figure, donate to them — only to please the Crimeans. But do not forget that he is a witness to the fact that there is no “referendum” in the spring of 2014 in the Crimea was not. Aksenov — the accomplice of Putin, participant in the seizure, occupation and subsequent looting of the Ukrainian Peninsula.

In the precarious position of Aksenov points and another scene that took place a few minutes talking about the staircase of Mithridates. When one of the girls staying at the camp, told Putin that is engaged in the media group, he suggested: “there are a lot of journalists, what they can do for you?” The girl wanted to learn how to write reports, the Russian leader immediately began to talk about the standards of “decent journalism.” “What are the criteria to assess the events, it seems to me this is very important. Maybe that’s the point, right?— Putin said, referring not only to the girl but to the whole of the writing fraternity. To do so, to be inoffensive to those to whom they do and write their reports. Yes?”

So, on Aksenov, Putin recalled immediately after talked about journalism. Reports of type”, or good, or nothing” is the obituaries. A great hint! After that Putin’s phrase: “the head of the Crimea nothing to do with it” and promise to “help” the local officials, they cannot cope — is perceived in a very different context. Where “Artek”, where is Gora Mitridat? The theme of the inability of the Crimean collaborators to lead the Peninsula, was thrown into the public space, will be continued. You can be sure.

And the last episode is “Massandra”. “In Yalta, what are you doing there? Go to the winery?” Putin asked the children. They replied in the affirmative. And then followed by another demonstrative flogging. Now Director of ICC “Artek” Alexey Kasprzhak. “You know what, Alex, I want to say. We are almost all athletes. We prefer the taste of jelly, juice, yogurt, nutmeg and stone you’ll have to eat there”, — said Putin. “No, we don’t use,” said Kasprzak. “Smell something, are you?” — were sarcastic Fark Putin. It was obvious he was not interested in the attempts of the Director “arteka” to explain what Massandra — thematic partner that children learn the culture of wine, tend the vine, harvested the grapes, watching the process of laying of wine, go to the lavender fields. In this light. What is the grapes? What Is The “Massandra”? Collectible “sherry” Putin and Berlusconi has long been drank, and the factory “Massandra” exhibited by the occupants for sale. Said jelly means jelly. Drink, eat, smell and look on the First channel! That’s all culture Russian.

But the reckless bravery of Mr. Kasprzaka surprising. So just to contradict Putin himself, as if he is some kind of existence. Apparently, the Crimean air as something special is valid on Russian officials. Kasprzhak’s not the Crimean, and the most that neither is a “native Russian”, worked for many years in Tver. But just three years in the Crimea managed to gain little Russian dissent. Something on the Peninsula with the Russian spirit.

In fact, in the Crimea is nothing new. The Russian Empire in all its forms regularly used children for propaganda. One thing we can already say quite clearly: once the Russian government decided to merge Sergey Aksenov and resurrect the myth of Samantha Smith, the situation they are really catastrophic.


Larissa Voloshin, a Ukrainian journalist and publicist.